Lisa, Suga and Ningning have more in common than their love of music—all of them love to experiment with their accessories and support smaller brands

K-pop stars have the superpower of making products fly off the shelves just by being seen wearing a certain brand. Whether that is fashion, beauty or accessories, their stans will flock to support brands their idols love. So it’s no wonder luxury houses have been queuing up to sign K-pop idols as their ambassadors. Take, for instance, all four members of Aespa who sang and danced their way to becoming Chopard’s global brand ambassadors. Likewise, the members of Blackpink each represent luxury brands we know and love: you have Lisa for Bulgari; Jisoo for Cartier; Jennie for Chanel; and Rosé for Tiffany.

However, while K-pop stars do sport haute joaillerie from global luxury brands with élan, they also never fail to show their love for Korean brands whenever the opportunity arises. Glam yet quirky, these accessories complement the stars’ signature styles both onstage and in music videos. Here are Tatler’s top picks of the brands and designers to watch out for.

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J-Hope wearing Hurjaboy

BTS’ J-Hope often wears Chanel, but in the Outro: Ego comeback trailer he has peppered his look with punk-chic accessories such as a skull pearl necklace and the handmade Hope pearl bracelet from Korean brand Hurjaboy.

Suga wearing Sting 925

Suga’s urban cowboy look is elevated with sterling silver jewellery from South Korean label Sting 925. The combination of braided and horseshoe rings, hunting trophy bracelet and statement necklace add an edge to the BTS member’s animal-printed outfit.

BTS wearing Sting 925

In fact, the brand is such a hit among the band, all members of BTS wore Sting 925 jewellery for their performance of Butter on NTV’s The Music Day. Their assortment of rings, chains and bracelets was a lesson on layering accessories with formalwear.

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Jin, V and Jimin wearing Hanna 543

Transcending conventional gender boundaries, BTS’ Jin, V and Jimin have been spotted numerous times wearing delicate jewellery, which are often thought of as feminine, from fine jewellery brand Hanna 543.

Ningning and Karina wearing OHTNYC

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Korean designer Jinsol Woo founded OHTNYC in 2017, and in the West the brand’s jewellery has been worn by celebs like Gigi Hadid, but the label reached a new pinnacle of fame when Ningning and Karina from Aespa wore its silver crystal cross necklace in the Dreams Come True music video. That level of endorsement must be a dream come true indeed!

Jisoo wearing Blackmuse

Blackmuse gives vintage glamour a modern makeover with their pieces, which nobody flaunts better than Jisoo of Blackpink who was spotted wearing a Blackmuse monochrome choker with black and white beads. A quick look at the label’s Instagram feed reveals that they are popular with other Korean stars as well, including Jungkook of BTS.


Mamamoo wearing Doigte

Cheetah prints, bejewelled Arabic face masks and jungle vibes abound in Mamamoo’s boho-themed music video of Aya in which Hwasa, Wheelin, Moonbyul and Solar are seen wearing Doigte jewellery’s La Tendresse aquamarine and peridot rings, spiral earrings and La Casa Azul statement choker.

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