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Follow these stylish seniors who are taking social media by storm

Slvr. Tetsuya

Farm and fashion are two words that don't come together often but Slvr., pronounced 'Silver', Tetsuya makes us question why we don't bring the two together more often. It all began when his grandson, Naoya Kudo, had the idea of photographing Slvr. in his own designer wares against the backdrop of their farm in Akita Perfecture to share with friends and family.

What started as a fun idea has turned into much more. Today, the 87-year-old retiree is a fashion icon, with more than 150,000 Instagram followers from all around the world and official merch on his online shop—from photo books and print-outs to T-shirts and phone cases. 

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Alojz Abram (Gramps)

Alojz Abram—better known as Gramps—has one of the most impressive sneaker collections in the world. He manages to cop highly-anticipated sneakers—from Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High OG to the Nike x sacai LDV Waffle—before they drop. And it's not just sneakers that he's into. Gramps has also become quite a streetwear connoisseur, often dressed head-to-toe in Stüssy, Supreme and Dior.

This year, he was invited to Dior Homme's Spring/Summer 2022 runway show and handpicked to be the face of Jägermeister's brand new streetwear line.

So how did this 75-year-old German grandfather manage to get on these super cool projects and exclusive mailing lists? It all started with his grandson, Jannik Diefenbach during a Christmas gathering.

"He looked so cool and felt so comfortable that I had to take a picture of him. Since we enjoyed taking the first picture, we kept it going and took some more," says Diefenbach in an interview. However, it was when they began recreating celebrity streetwear looks from Kanye West and A$AP Rocky that their shared hobby really took off to new heights. 

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JoAni Johnson

JoAni Johnson launched her modelling career in her 60s and has taken the fashion world by storm. In only a few short years, the sexagenarian model has been signed to one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world alongside Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss, and worked with the hottest names in fashion, including Pyer Moss and Fenty. She is also not afraid to speak out about issues of race and ageism in the fashion industry on social media. 

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Want Show As Young

Ever wonder what happens when you leave your clothes in the laundromat? Usually, they sit in the Lost and Found or get binned. But this laundromat in Taiwan has different ideas. With the help and encouragement of their grandson, the two octogenarian proprietors of Want-Show—Hsu Hsiu-e and Chang Wan-ji—have been putting together incredible looks with forgotten laundry and sharing them with the world, captioning their photos with heartwarming anecdotes about their 30-year marriage—and a friendly reminder to pick up your laundry. 

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Iris Apfel

"More is more and less is a bore", is one of Iris Apfel's famous sayings. Known for making bold fashion statements by pairing bright colours and prints with chunky accessories and her signature round glasses, this fashion icon has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and even a collector's edition Barbie doll modelled after her. Turning 100 at the end of August, her page is a delightful reminder to her followers to embrace self-expression and individuality: "If you can't have fun, you might as well be dead." 

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Lyn Slater

Slater first made her name as an accidental icon, after she was mistaken as an industry heavyweight by street style photographers working fashion week. With the help of her long-time partner, she launched her blog, aptly named, Accidental Icon. Today, she declares she is "no longer accidental", acknowledging that her loyal following of 755,000 followers have been won over by the creative and unique spin that she brings to every outfit. 

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Grandpa Maoyu

"Sometimes it is difficult to separate my home and work lives. So I always change into streetwear after sessions to remind myself I am just an average Joe now," says the stylish 67-year-old psychologist about discovering his passion for streetwear. "I did not know people appreciated my style until I joined Instagram. It was my grandson’s idea."

However, he does not only use the social media platform to connect with fellow streetwear enthusiasts. He also uses it as an opportunity to promote mental health,  especially among his younger followers. "People are more comfortable talking about mental health, but may not notice signs, dispel stigma or seek professional help," he observes. "In Asian culture, there’s a belief that if we don’t talk about something, then it will be OK. But depression isn’t something you can just shake off. Talking is one of the most powerful ways to reduce the stigma of mental health." 

Read more about this Hong Kong influencer in our exclusive interview with Grandpa Maoyu.

Lance Walsh

Sixty-one-year-old Lance Walsh always had an eye for fashion. Over the years, his wardrobe has housed designer jeans, mink coats linked with lace, Belstaff motorbike jackets and knee-high leather boots. However, it was around 2016 when the fruit seller—decked out in his favourite brand Supreme on the job—began gaining a rep as a hypewear hero on the streets of Soho and online. Today, he has amassed almost 50,000 followers on Instagram with fans who come from all over the world to take photos with him, while he minds his fruit stand on Berwick Street. 

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Grandpa Kang

This 84-year-old baller is a retired university professor from Wuhan, China who loves keeping up with the latest streetwear trends and shopping with his grandson. 

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