Cover Rihanna's luxury fashion label in collaboration with LVMH, Fenty was launched in 2019. Photo: Instagram (@badgirlriri)

Fashion icon and R&B singer, Rihanna has announced a temporary pause on the luxury fashion label's activities

Yet another blow to fashion enthusiasts around the world, the latest news about Fenty goes to show just how far the fashion world has been impacted by the global pandemic. 

With the launch of the label just a few years ago, Rihanna made history by becoming the first woman to create an original brand under the world's largest luxury conglomerate, LVMH. With the drop of a footwear collaboration with Amina Muaddi announced only in November 2020, the industry newcomer's shuttering came as a surprise to many. But for those who follow the industry and the fashion mogul closely, they may have seen it coming. With her many plans for 2021 with existing businesses in lingerie, beauty and skincare as well as her upcoming Caribbean cookbook, a mission to save Fenty might be one too many things on Rihanna's plate. 

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Interestingly, the recent announcement about Fenty brings truth to recent predictions that the fashion industry will recover from the pandemic much slower than the beauty industry because the latter thrives on speedy innovation. Indeed, Rihanna has managed to expand her beauty empire in 2020, including the widely successful rollout of Fenty Skin with a focus on genderless beauty in the campaign fronted by A$AP Rocky and Rihanna herself.

Just last week, she released an 2-in-1 eye-gel cream and concealer, #FlashNap, which has already garnered rave reviews. It would seem that despite Fenty's futuristic eyewear and affinity for trend-setting, oversized silhouettes, the luxury fashion label struggled to keep up with the new normal of fashion trends appearing and disappearing at breakneck speeds. 

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What does this mean for Rihanna? Despite the minor setback with Fenty, we will be seeing much of Rihanna as she progresses with her various projects, from Fenty Skin to Savage x Fenty, her lingerie line loved by the everyone, including celebrities and L Catteron, a LVMH-backed investment fund which has just poured millions in funding to the growing brand. 

And hopefully, she will find time to release the music she has been rumoured to be making since her last album release, Anti, in 2016. 

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