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It’s 15 years since teen show, Skins graced our screens. Its most famous character, Effy Stonem became a fashion inspiration for her punk/grunge/emo aesthetics. Here, we look back at her most famous looks

Euphoria might be the hit show for teens and young people these days but during my time, or rather, in my generation, we had Skins. The iconic British teen show is celebrating 15 years since it aired and remains one of the most influential shows in the genre today. It walked so Euphoria could run.

But one cannot talk about Skins without talking about its most famous character: Effy Stonem. Effy (played by Kaya Scolderio) debuted in the first generation of the show—the only one from that generation to move to the next—as a completely silent character. That added more intrigued and when she became the central lead in the second generation, Effy captured hearts as an alluring femme fatale, her nihilistic nature almost felt like an enigma and she’s just a representation of what many teens feel. It’s her experiences and feelings that allowed many—especially teenage girls—to connect with her. But more than that, her punk/grunge/emo aesthetic also became an inspiration.

In celebration of the show’s 15th anniversary and as a massive fan of Effy Stonem growing up (and until now), I break down some of her most memorable fashion choices that truly defined her character and the generation it influenced. It’s not just millennials like myself but even Gen Z are discovering her now, leading to a resurgence to the undying appeal of Effy Stonem.

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1. Stockings and elaborate necklaces

Effy’s go-to look has definitely got to be stockings—fishnets or in patterns—and pairs them with a short one-piece dress. Being Effy though, that’s not enough and she finishes off her look with elaborate accessories, especially these long necklaces.

2. Distressed jeans

We don’t see Effy wear pants much, after all, her favourite outfit seems to be a combination of fishnet, a one-piece dress and a leather jacket. But the rare times she does wear pants, she goes for distressed jeans. I can’t say I’m surprised by this choice. It just perfectly goes with her grunge/punk/emo aesthetic.

3. Pretty plaids

Once in a while, when she feels like it, Effy opts in for some colour. That means, plaids. I absolutely love the one where she pairs it up with shorts and combat boots—that’s very Effy of her. The oversized plaid jacket also looks great. It just feels loose and comfortable.

4. Classic leather jacket

Is it really Effy Stonem without the classic leather jacket? I have to say, the leather jacket is definitely the Effy Stonem look of all looks. It might be a cliche choice if you’re going for the grunge/punk/emo look but it’s also a staple so how can she not?

5. Messy hair, don’t care

As much as her outfits, Effy’s hair throughout the show also highlights her growth and state. At times, it’s styled straight for an almost preppy look.

Sometimes, it’s a little wavy or curly like when she’s having a difficult time. I also like how she looks with the fishtail braids. Messy hair feels very Effy and it’s not a bad thing because it’s natural and she looks...more carefree.

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6. Black one piece

Black and a one-piece dress are both staples in Effy’s fashion. But a black one-piece dress? That’s so Effy too. She can either wear it as a standalone or pair it with her favourite fishnet stockings.

7. Combat boots forever

Combat boots is another one of Effy’s favourites. It goes well with her whole look and regardless of what she wears—pants, skirts, dresses. I love it when she pairs it with high-length socks too.

8. Good ol’ eyeliner

Putting on (smudged) eyeliner has become synonymous with Effy. I can’t even remember her not wearing eyeliner in Skins other than in season seven for her episode, Fire when she’s all grown up. Effy’s eyeliner is really the aesthetic that’s really a must with any outfit, maybe even the look that defined her character.

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9. Colour looks good on you, too

In the last season of Skins, we follow three characters—Effy, Cassie and Cook—who are now adults. Effy works a dead-end job as a receptionist at a London hedge fund. As an adult, we see the way her style has changed, ditching the fishnets, combat boots and eyeliners for colourful dresses.

It’s a totally different Effy from the one etched into our brains but it’s also a significant change, perhaps even a contrast. She’s working a dead-end job, sporting flavourful outfits to add some colour to her life. And while it’s different, it’s also good to see her trying out something new. After all, she can’t be the same Effy all this time, right?

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