Cover Get these beauty and makeup looks from HBO's hit show, Euphoria (Photo: HBO)

Besides its compelling story and great cast, HBO series Euphoria is also giving us endless inspiration for some of the most unique beauty and makeup looks

When it comes to youth and teen shows, there has always been those that went beyond just telling their stories. Who can ever forget Skins’ Effy Stonem and how she continues to be a symbol of goth and emo?

Critically acclaimed HBO show, Euphoria has just returned for its second season. And besides praise for its story, performances—with Zendaya winning an Emmy—cinematography and score, it has also given us some of the most eye-catching, mesmerising and unique makeup looks. I’m talking about using gemstones, glitters, bold colours and more.

With the new season underway, we’re listing down some of the best beauty and makeup looks from Euphoria created by makeup artist, Doniella Davy who also received an Emmy for her work on the hit show.

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1. Sparkling blue

This look is from Jules getting ready in the first episode of season one. We love how the blue glitter eyeshadow just continuously sparkles. Paired with a light lip gloss, it makes the blue even stand out.

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2. Going goth

We love how this look from Maddy doesn’t just go with simple black but adds an extra touch of silver-accented colours for her eyelids. The tiny rhinestones are also a great edition for an extra glimmer.

3. As fast as lighting

What a bold look this is! This look from Jules seems like she just came out from a fantasy book. It’s visceral and totally making a statement.

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4. Fierce red

Say goodbye to good ol’ black eyeliner for this look and get a fiery red one instead. Paired with purple, the combination is just stunning. We also love how voluminous Maddy’s eyelashes are for this look.

5. Oh, Juliet

This look from Jules is reminiscent of Clare Danes’ Juliet from the movie, Romeo & Juliet. Wearing a pair of wings (also taken from Juliet’s costume in the movie), Jules looks ethereal, romantic and gothic. It’s not only her eyes that glimmer with the rose gold colour but even her eyebrows sparkle with those gold foil bits.

6. Hues and stones

Cassie looks almost otherworldly in this makeup. The green/turquoise blend matches with her the colour of her piercing eyes. The rhinestones—also in various shades of blue and green—make for an even better alternative to an eyeliner.

7. Red hot chili peppers

A look that’s less fiery, simpler but still adds a dash of feistiness is this one from Kat. The sharpness of the eyeliner is just stunning and we love how the red helps add a bit of colour.

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8. Iridescent glow

Rue’s looks from the series are much more subtle than other characters but enough to make a statement. We love how simple the glitters look on her but her eyes still stand out.

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9. Sharp as knives

The winged look is over. It’s time for Maddy’s extra sharp one to take over. The black/silver palette goes with any outfit but the sharp wing definitely adds more flair.

10. Fresh face

The inspiration for this look is a mix of goth, grunge and fairy-tale-like and with all those combined, gives off a new freshness to Kat. The brightness of these colours is a great contrast to the more muted gloss she’s wearing.

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