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Today, you're serving "off-duty model" looks with tips from TikTok's latest beauty trend

There's a new beauty trend that puts a spin on the old natural makeup look called "clean makeup" which has already gotten 105.2 million views on TikTok since it blew up merely a couple of months ago.

Clean makeup enhances the contours of the face and highlights features that you love. Some might say that this is closely similar to the "no make-up" makeup look. However, people can still play around with colours. Some like to add subtle hints of darker or brighter colours around the eyes while others still apply eyeliner.

How to achieve the look


There are a tad few who prefer to skip the foundation while there are others who like to balance out uneven skin tone. If you're one of the latter, you may apply foundation that provides enough coverage. 


If your definition of "clean" means having a flawless complexion, you may do so using your trusted concealer. But there's also no shame in ditching the concealer and embracing your real skin. In fact, others like to apply faux freckles across the cheeks.

Contour and Blush

For those who want a natural face lift, contour the face according to a particular face shape using a buildable contour palette. To give your complexion a bit of colour, you can apply light blush over the cheeks.

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Above Photo: Instagram / @bretmanrock


You may opt to only curl your eyelashes and apply mascara for added volume. But you can also add half lashes that resemble your real eyelashes. If you're thinking of applying eyeshadow, choose a palette of nude shades (brown tones, preferably), or just add a bit of shimmer using a translucent glitter eyeshadow. Applying thin brown liner can also do the trick.

As for the eyebrows, use a brush and a product of your choice (either soap brows, brow gel and the like) to achieve a natural feather-like appearance.


Gloss, matte, or satin works well. Just make sure to choose shades that are not too bright or dark—just enough colour to emphasise its shape and colour. 


If you want to be a bit more extra, brush your hair away from the face or part it in the middle and tuck the hair behind your ears. Keep it in place using gel or hairpins that match your hair colour, or tie it into a neat ponytail instead.

Do not be discouraged by the common misconception that the only way to achieve clean makeup is to have clear skin given that most TikTok users posting videos of themselves hopping on the trend have unblemished complexion. Simply focus on your favourite part of your face and highlight it using the same products mentioned above.

Out of all the fads that went viral on the internet's beauty subculture, the clean makeup look ranks high on the list of trends worth trying. Not only does it look good on people of any age or gender, but it also encourages people to admire the image they see when staring at their reflection in the mirror.


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