Cover These are timeless style lessons we took away from 'The Matrix' (Photo: Warner Brothers)

Over 20 years on and The Matrix continues to be a source of style inspiration for many

With the release of The Matrix Resurrections this Christmas, we look back at the original film that kicked off the whole series: The Matrix. Released in 1999, this movie played a key role in defining ’90s fashion trends, including sweeping coats and stomping boots in an all-black colour palette.

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This dystopian digital aesthetic is still in play today, with modern twists that incorporate other elements like futuristic fabrics or DIY punk styles. These are the essential lessons we learned from The Matrix and this is how you can incorporate them into your daily looks.

1. Black looks best

There’s nothing sharper than a top-to-toe black ensemble. It can look smart, dangerous, lowkey, standout and chic all at once. When Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) are out and about revealing the secrets of the Matrix and dodging agents, they look like they mean business thanks to their slick uniforms that give them the air of underdog power.

2. Don’t underestimate an accent colour

Design details point to important elements of the film. When Morpheus is introducing the concept of the Matrix to Neo, he’s wearing a green patterned tie, and not just because he felt like it—that green pattern represents the colour of the code in the Matrix, and it’s a little Easter egg for us viewers.
Accent colours crop up more in The Matrix: Resurrections—we’ve seen more pops of yellow and blue, two essential colours that make green, reinforcing the importance of colour which is something director Lana Wachowski wanted to convey.

3. It’s always leather weather

The main trio are often sporting leather pieces, which works well to protect them from the grit and grime of their surroundings, as well as providing a light sort of armour to shield them from the frequent fights they engage in. Unfortunately in Hong Kong, we’re limited to just two months of leather-appropriate weather, however that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate small items into your looks.
Take Trinity’s leather tank top for example—it’s wearable on warmer days and easy to layer when there’s a chill. Wear with trousers and combat boots for the full The Matrix effect, or with silk, knits, or suits if you want to switch things up.

4. With length comes drama

The swish of Neo and Trinity’s coats as they walk into the lift after the iconic lobby shootout adds a final touch of flair to an already dramatic scene. It gives them an air of composure and demonstrates their skill in the face of danger.
Add similar drama to your life with a long coat, skirt or scarf that trails behind you for a little kick of confidence—we guarantee it’ll boost your mood throughout the course of the day, and you can remind yourself of the inspiration every time you walk into a lift. 

5. Sunglasses make everything cooler

In short, they do. When you can’t see one’s eyes, you don’t know the extent of their thoughts, intentions, or their next move. That especially works in The Matrix because that bit of mystery drives the viewers desire to seek the truth—can we trust Morpheus’s team, and more importantly, does Trinity have the hots for Neo?
Whether you go for a very minimalist frame, or something a bit more futuristic, always carry a pair of black shades with you to add an edge to anything you’re wearing.

6. Short hair, don’t care

Cropped locks are the look for everyone in this film. We know that it comes from a place of convenience, as there’s not much time for washing, brushing and styling hair when you’re on the run from A.I. robots who are trying to use your body as a source of energy, but the overall effect is pretty cool.
We love Trinity’s slicked-back hair—it allows her to fight with ease and it looks like she just ran some gel (or the tears of her enemies) through it and combed it back. Neo’s do is also very on trend for men right now.


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