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As the saying goes, “new year, new do”, so ‘Tatler’ highlights the biggest hair trends that we predict will crop up throughout 2022

Hairstyles have been getting very diverse, and more alternative styles are crossing over into the fashion world. More than ever, hair is a statement as much as an outfit or a make-up look—we’re seeing brighter colours, daring lengths (sometimes multiple in one look) and accessories galore.

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Due to closed salons and country lockdowns since the start of the pandemic, everyone has had a go at rocking an out-there hairdo they wouldn’t normally try. As a result of these at-home experiments, plus the continuation of ’90s and resurgence of ’00s trends, funky hairstyles have filtered through into daily life.
These are the five trends that we think will shape 2022:

1. Mullets, shags and choppy layers

The mullet is here to stay, although it’s more like a hybrid shag-do. This short, choppy look can also be influenced by the aggressive layers seen throughout the early 2000s, or if you want to take it a step further, go all out with feathered cuts from the 1970s. 2022 is all about mixing trends.

2. Short or shaved

If the mullet-shag isn’t your vibe, don’t worry, because cropped and shaved haircuts are back in a big way too. It’s the convenience of it all—the only maintenance necessary is a regular trim, and otherwise it’s smooth sailing. Washing is easier, styling takes less time and it adds an androgynous edge to whatever you’re wearing.

3. Slicked back or down

Putting your hair back when it’s not looking great isn’t a new idea, but now it’s an essential aspect of this ultra-chic look. A slicked-back bun is the look of the moment and it can be achieved by anyone. Adding a clip and a pair of sunglasses makes it extra-trendy, but the slick look isn’t limited to updos—we’ve seen more slicked-back hair worn down on red carpets, too.

4. All the Y2K details

Tatler predicts we’ll be seeing more 2000s-style layering, but all can be amplified with other hair trends of the decade, including crimping, chunky highlights, tiny clips and spiky buns.
We’re all feeling nostalgia for carefree times, and there’s just something about these playful hairstyles that bring an element of fun to every day. Think Lizzie McGuire, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce—there are so many great references.

5. Face-framing pieces

Tiny tendrils and baby braids are the easiest way to add a little spice when your hair is up. Whether you go boho or alternative is up to you but, either way, letting some hair down adds dimension to your hair—it’ll look like you’ve put more effort in, while at the same time, none at all.


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