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Warning: Not for the faint-hearted

It was inevitable.

After making waves on the Internet at the spring/summer 2022 shows last year, Miu Miu has virtually taken over the feeds of everyone we know on Instagram.

The outfit in question? The brand’s scandalously skimpy sweater set—yes, that one—shorn off at boob-level and paired with an equally tiny mini skirt. It’s the latest salvo in the Y2K revival that has gripped fashion in recent seasons, thanks in large part to TikTok, Gen Z trendsetters and the renaissance of Aughts stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and more.

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The look has its roots in preppy culture (pairing a sweater with poplin shirts) but also takes its inspiration from the ’60s, with its rebellious spirit and invention of the now-ubiquitous miniskirt by groundbreaking designers like Mary Quant. Miuccia Prada also subverted the disparate threads of inspiration with the playfulness and sexiness that Miu Miu is known for, and threw in a hint of grunge as well for good measure.

In the Instagram and TikTok age, the bold look is a sure-fire way to instant virality—and both celebrities and influencers agree. Closer to home, style stars like Yoyo Cao and Justine Lee have been early proponents of the look, while celebrities from abroad such as Chiara Ferragni, Saweetie and Internet sensation Cindy Kimberly have all been spotted giving the Miu Miu look a go on their Instagram feeds.

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Yoyo Cao

Faye Tsui

Justine Lee

Chiara Ferragni


Anna Dello Russo

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And it’s not just for the waif-thin—curvy supermodels like Lara Stone and Paloma Elsesser have recently appeared in editorials with the hit look as well (Stone in Vogue Czechoslovakia; Elsesser on the cover of i-D). Elsesser also spoke out about the way the look made her feel.

“Often when working I am tasked with making pictures inspired by bodies and experiences that look nothing like my own,” she wrote on Instagram. “When Carlos and Al approached me about this cover my main objective was: how do we create images for people (specifically larger bodied femmes and beyond) to look to, and tangibly see what’s possible. An aggregate of softness, sexiness, and most importantly—authority.” 

She continued: “Although I am growing increasingly tired of my body being the centerpiece of conversation—I feel privileged to share it, for it is my home and the vessel that has allowed for even a select few to see what so often is denied: themselves. Our bodies are what we are lucky enough to know best.”

Empowering, sexy, and fun—is it any wonder that this Miu Miu look is the fashion lodestone of the season?

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