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Update your list of style #inspos and influential people to follow with these fashionable top influencers from both countries

Cue Kool & The Gang’s Celebration, because Singapore and Hong Kong have made it to the list of the top 20 cities for fashion inspiration, with Hong Kong placing fifth and Singapore securing seventh positions.

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As both countries are getting more recognised around the world for our fashion sense and style, we can naturally attribute this achievement to the influential people and celebrities based in Hong Kong and Singapore who have contributed significantly to the fashion scene and popular culture of their local region.

Their influence in forming and championing their countries’ popular fashion trends takes advantage of the medium of social media that the world runs by today to reach out to their followers and their unique fashion style not only combine influences and trends from other countries like the US and South Korea, but they also integrate their own local take on trends and cultural experiences in how they put together their clothes and accessories, while trying to highlight Asian features and body shapes.

So celebrate these top fashion and style influencers from Singapore and Hong Kong, and follow them now.

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1. Singapore: Yoyo Cao

Yoyo Cao, or also known by her social media handle as @yoyokulala, has broken boundaries in fashion and style in her trendsetting influence over Singapore’s popular fashion culture and the rest of Asia as well. Our 2020 Asia’s Most Stylish honouree’s large following and presence over the fashion scene in Asia can be accredited to her idiosyncratic perspective of style combinations, which mash suit and blazer influences from menswear with more feminine textured and shaped clothing. Her love for experimentation make her an icon to follow.

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2. Hong Kong: Faye Tsui

Faye Tsui uses her expertise and knowledge in fashion styling to her benefit when she puts her outfits together for her own fashion shoots, and she has gained a formidable social media presence and following in Hong Kong because of it. Her effortlessly cool and chic look not only makes her stand out from the crowd, but it also shows how styling and colour combination can be approachable for all.

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3. Singapore: Mae Tan

Singapore’s Mae Tan is redefining the streetwear aesthetic with elements of bubblegum and chic retro vibes, bringing together her overall cool-girl aura. She combines inspiration from high fashion with grunge streetwear which transform her style into a force on its own. Her alternative approach to fashion and art is changing the way people view street style and womenswear in Singapore in a phenomenal way.

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4. Hong Kong: Ceci N

Ceci N’s style can be described as minimalist, hipster and slightly gothic as her overall aura on social media is the quintessential cool girl in a dimly-lit room. As a Hong Kong influencer, she highlights Chinese culture and society in her posts and weaves culturally-specific aspects into her individual fashion style, whilst retaining some Western and Japanese minimalist vibes.

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5. Singapore: Willabelle Ong

Willabelle Ong of Singapore is our real-life Alice in Wonderland with her classy retro ruffled dress vibes with checkered patterns and quirky references. Her bold gestures in fashion and styling showcase her tenacious passion for a myriad of styles, whether it is matte-textured pencil skirts or translucent wavy dresses, this eclectic girl is definitely on fire.

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6. Hong Kong: Emi Wong

Fitness buff Emi Wong of Hong Kong incorporates her love for working out and exercise into her approach to fashion and styling, whereby she believes in rocking sleek track pants, crop tops for days and comfortable workout tights for whenever she feels like getting down and grinding it out in the gym. Her unique street style also takes into account the wearer's comfort and ease in moving around, making her a relatable fitness icon to look up to.

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7. Singapore: Salina Chai

Salina Chai is Singapore’s chic handbag queen that’s out of everybody's league who skilfully styles her minimalist outfits and luxury to quiet perfection. She also weaves in her expertise in curating digital fashion and commercial content—which includes art direction, photography and fashion styling—into her own fashion identity and style.

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8. Hong Kong: Elle Lee

Former fashion model and Hong Kong-based influencer Elle Lee incorporates a kind of old school, retro Chinese style into her wardrobe as her fashion style is incredibly reminiscent of the Old Chinese western outfits with the lavender top, pencil skirts, coiffed hair and barette. Her combination of East and West in her style celebrates the fashion influences that Hong Kong and China have received, and her style will never go out of fashion.

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