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January So, Julie Anne Kang and Zaida Ibrahim discuss personal appearance and fronting oneself unapologetically in the digital age.

Beauty Online

“Do you record and save before you post on Instagram or straight away?” the founder of Curated MY, Zaida Ibrahim quizzed co-founder of Kulet, Julie Anne Kang and actress cum writer, January So. It's an important question in an age Julie described where: “People will stumble upon your social media first before meeting you in person.”

The 3 women are engaged in a conversation on how much should one share on their social media account and what makes for good content, and the discussion inevitably led to beauty talk underlined by the Shiseido LX Total Radiance Regenerating Cushion – a game changer for picture perfect moments.

Internet Persona

“I get inspiration and am influenced by other people’s social media, so I tend to do the same,” stated Zaida and it rings true especially when it comes to reviews on beauty and cosmetics. Zaida added, “I do share on social media the makeup and skincare I use if it’s good for my skin.”

Julie also admits to going through Instagram to see what products people like because she’s obsessed with finding new products and like to talk about it all the time. The 3 of them have different characters when posting on social media as pointed out by January who tends to share music she likes and her writings on Instagram. 

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Radiance On-The-Go

Zaida rightly mentioned when she said everyone wants to look good in pictures and being camera-ready is starting to become a necessity in one's daily life. Flawless selfies are the ultimate dream but it should also retain some honesty.

A truth that January is drawn to when curating her own social media profile is to shine inside out. “That's why I like Shiseido's cushion foundation, it feels like I have nothing on my face and I like that naked and natural feel of it."

“You just put it on and you go about your day, you don’t really have to be conscious about it. It's an absolute must-have that can do so much more than just a foundation” Julie piped in. 


With anti-ageing and brightening properties, the Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Regenerating Cushion is formulated for a lush experience in a cushion compact that is travel-friendly. Comes exclusively in a range of shades like Neutral and Golden, the cushion acts more than just foundation as it also leaves the skin feeling moisturised and luminous. 

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