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They may not rank as high as Kylie Jenner, but did you know that some of Singapore’s local influencers are actually raking in pretty big bucks?

In this age of modern advertising, we all know that influencers on social media are king and that they are typically involved in any decent marketing campaign.

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However, for many of these influencers, social media engagement is their bread and butter. Every like, follow and comment only enables them to charge companies more when they reach out to them to promote a product. 

Recently, social media marketing management platform Hopper released its 2021 Instagram Rich List which lists the top 395 highest-earning Instagram influencers in 2021.

While of course, we do know that people such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson, Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner would top the list, did you know that Hopper’s list actually has eight Singaporean influencers on it?

From the face behind Ladyironchef to some of our most popular lifestyle bloggers, meet the eight Singaporean influencers who are part of the richest Instagram influencers in the world.

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1. Brad Lau: 593,076 followers

Brad Lau, the face behind local food blog Ladyironchef, has been a mainstay in the local food industry for many years now. He reviews local food establishments as well as those overseas when he travels.

With 593,076 followers, the blogger charges an average of USD$1,700 per post on Instagram. 

2. Andrea Chong: 304,791 followers

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Andrea Chong is well known for her sense of style and her website, The DC Edit, which is a lifestyle blog that she runs with a team of interns.

Chong’s influence has given her many opportunities including being selected as a brand ambassador for H&M and Pandora.

The fashionista, who is also on Youtube, charges US$1,300 per post on Instagram. 

3. Mongchin Yeoh: 282,630 followers

Mongchin Yeoh is a local lifestyle blogger and Youtuber whose influence has opened many doors for her in her career.

Besides posting on social media, Yeoh has also hosted a travel show for Lifetime Asia, has worked with companies such as Clinique, L’oreal, Dyson and Urban Revivo, and has made appearances on other famous local content creators channels such as Treepotatoes, Zula and The Smart Local.

Yeoh charges about US$1,200 per post on Instagram. 

4. Sophia Chong: 123,113 followers

Sophia Chong is a food, lifestyle and travel blogger with about 123,113 followers on Instagram.

Chong is also the founder and creative director of The Juice Market which is a thriving women’s clothing store. 

Chong charges an average of US$600 per post on Instagram. 

5. Rebecca Ten: 64,533 followers

As a travel blogger and digital content creator Rebecca Ten is well known for her artfully curated feed, crisp photos, a stunning sense of style and a keen eye for detail. 

Ten has about 64,533 followers and charges US$600 for a post on Instagram.

6. Russell Ong: 30,008 followers

Russel Ong is a former national swimmer and today, he enjoys the high life on Instagram reviewing luxury cars, drinking wine and surfing.

Clearly, Ong has used his influence to work for him though because he charges an average of US$200 for a post on Instagram.

7. Winter Chee: 22,157 followers

As a beauty and travel influencer, Winter Chee runs her own blog as well as manages an Instagram page. Chee launched her blog in 2017 as a way to share her thoughts about beauty, travel and life.

As a fashion design graduate, Chee’s keen eye for detail and passion for the industry has gained her a sizeable following and with her 22,157 followers, she charges about US$100 per Instagram post. 

8. Celine Chiam: 31,141 followers

Celine Chiam is an influencer who dabbles in travel, fashion, lifestyle and anything beauty related.

She is also a huge fan of photography and has a keen sense of style that makes her a trusted writer and influencer.

With 31,141 followers, Chiam charges an average of US$100 for a post on Instagram.  


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