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BTS member J-hope is one of the most fashionable stars today, so much so that his style has its own name, Hobicore

Happy Hobiuary! For many, February is the month of love but for BTS fans (also known as ARMY), it’s the month of J-hope’s birthday. The BTS rapper certainly stands out among his members for his distinct fashion style. It’s evident in his own Instagram account that J-hope loves fashion.

J-hope definitely developed his own sense of style which his fans are calling Hobicore. It’s a combination of his nickname, Hobi and kidcore. The style is fun, colourful and a mix of kids and street fashion and sometimes to the point of being extra, but in an expressive way. But that’s not to say that he only sticks to that. He’s experimental and knows how to take it to the next level no matter the occasion.

In celebration of the BTS ball of sunshine member’s birthday on February 18, we look back at some of J-hope’s most eye-catching looks and why he’s truly a fashion icon in his own right.

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1. Oversized combinations

Leave it to J-hope to mix and match his oversize looks. Sometimes, he wears an oversize top with a fitted bottom but at times, he wears a loose top with baggy pants. He even paired a loose short-sleeve bottom up over a loose long-sleeve shirt and distressed jeans.

If the combination doesn’t match your figure, it can end up making you look bulky. But that’s not the case for the BTS rapper. Regardless of what combination J-hope goes for, he always rocks it.

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2. Shoes that make a statement

V loves loafers, Jimin likes shoes that have a bit of heel on them while Jungkook goes for combat boots. For J-hope, it’s chunky sneakers.

But he doesn’t just get them in one colour but in a lot of colours—even better if it’s in something that stands out really easily like red. J-hope’s shoes make a statement as much as his outfit.

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3. Did you see my bag?

Owing to its reputation as the “style maker” of the group, J-hope’s love for bags has also caught the eye of his fans. He has a thing for dotori or acorn bags—small sling bags that you wear as a belt bag, shoulder bag, fanny pack or a clutch that you clip to your belt hoops. J-hope’s most famous acorn bag is definitely the flower bag that member RM bought for him in Malta.

But the sunshine member has also been spotted wearing other varieties of bags including a hope bag pack that alludes to his name and an oversized transparent tote bag.

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4. All the accessories

The BTS members love their accessories so J-hope is no exception. But his liking for accessories is a little more distinct. If V and Suga like big rings while Jimin goes for elaborate earrings, J-hope likes his colourful. This can be seen from his accessories in the Chicken Noodle Soup music video. He even wears cute nail polish along with them!

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5. A rainbow of colours

J-hope doesn’t shy away from all colours and patterns, whether it’s tartan, striped, plaid or anything else in between. His colourful Louis Vuitton blazer at the Jingle Ball in 2021 is one for the books. Who can forget his sleeveless patterned shirt paired with bold yellow shorts and a triangular clutch in Malta? Yes, that’s what we call J-hope’s own distinct style.

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6. Airplane mode

BTS’ airport outfits take fashion to the next level. There have been so many iconic looks that made rounds on social media and gone viral—for all the good reasons. For J-hope, it has to be the denim jacket, workout shorts and bucket hat combination. What’s so good about it? It’s the epitome of J-hope’s fashion style, a mixed bag of sorts that you can’t really put a name on it but at the end of the day, he rocks it.

Whether the rapper is going for a comfortable fit, casual or like he’s hopping on a flight to make history again, there’s always a look that’s a feast for the eyes.

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7. Extra but make it iconic

As with J-hope, he likes to make things really extra, but not in a bad way. It shows that he’s expressive in what he wears without needing to care if it fits the standard or the norm. For J-hope, it’s about going beyond even if that means just wearing a bathrobe on a flight back to South Korea after you’ve just sold out four shows in the US—the biggest boxscore in almost a decade.

That itself is a statement. He’s made his fans happy and now it’s time to relax and go home. It also speaks of the volume of his humble side, that despite being a worldwide pop icon alongside his BTS members, he doesn’t feel the need to put on anything “fancy” in public because he himself is fancy enough. We love that J-hope energy.

Who says wearing a bathrobe is only for when after or before you take a shower or a swim?

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