Besides being BTS’ ‘golden maknae’, Jeon Jungkook is a certified head-turner in his own right; many aspire to cop his every look earning him the moniker ‘sold out king’

The youngest member of the world’s biggest pop group, Jeon Jungkook (whose birthday is tomorrow, September 1) has his own liege of followers. Among those who consider themselves ‘JK-biased’, it’s common knowledge that this idol is often dubbed the ‘sold out king’. From kombucha, lip balms, to numerous designer items, anything seen used or worn by Jungkook instantly enjoys a leap in sales. On one occasion, the singer himself couldn’t buy more than a pack of his favourite drink just after a casual livestream.

Gucci-Tae (V), Chanel-Jimin, Suga’s Fear of God shirts, Jin’s Thom Browne collection, J hope’s experimental looks, and RM’s streetwear with a twist—each BTS member has their own distinct style. Among them, Jungkook is known to be the most laidback with his pairings often favouring athleisure, practical co-ords, or all-black ensembles.

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In celebration of Jungkook’s 24th birthday, we take a trip down memory lane—from the group’s debut in 2013 to 2021—to see just how this once wide-eyed trainee gradually evolved into the 'e-boy' style icon he is known today.

1. 2013–2014: Debut, Skool Luv Affair, and Dark & Wild era

BTS debuted in 2013 with an edgy concept for its members to go against the grain of K-pop trends during the time. Although the group has stylists, Jungkook's personal style is often reflected even in his choice of stagewear or photoshoot attire. The lead vocalist was often spotted in monochrome looks even as a 15-year-old idol. 

2. 2015–2016: HYYH and Young Forever era

For BTS' Young Forever albums, the group opted for a lighter colour palette largely contrasting their punk-rock debut style. Jungkook sports pastel colours for several promotional shoots for their album. 

3. 2017–2018: Wings and Love Yourself era

With BTS gaining global acclaim in 2017, the members skyrocketed to fame seemingly overnight; their stagewear and concerts now bigger than ever.

As individuals, BTS has matured from teenage newbies to seasoned professionals. Their style also followed suit. No longer burdened by moving singularly as a unit (in their choreography or fashion looks), each member began to shine even more.

Jungkook often donned bucket hats and oversized shirts or bomber jackets. Even for his red carpet outfits, the youngest member favoured monochromatic pairings, leaning towards dark shades—a large contrast to other members like V or RM who often add pops of colour.

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4. 2019–2020: Map of the Soul and pre-pandemic tour

In 2019 to early 2020, BTS's world tour was in full swing, selling out stadiums from Wembley in London to the Allianz Parque in São Paulo. Jungkook's outfit choices during this tour still remained close to his innate fashion sense. 

For concept photos for the Map of the Soul albums, the maknae (youngest member), follows the group's idea but adds his own twist, lace-up boots and leather harnesses to kick things up, still in black. For the ON music videos, BTS wore rough-and-tumble pieces from Rick Owens which perfectly matched the song's edgy sound; the overall baggy look closely resembled Jungkook's personal style. 

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At red carpet events, Jungkook opted for more subdued ensembles as well—classic silhouettes and darker colours abound. During photocalls or practice, he is seen with similar pairings: the latest designer boots or Balenciaga kicks, baggy jeans, and loose pullovers; bonus points for a classic bucket hat or plain baseball cap.

5. 2020: Dynamite and BE era

The world's biggest boy band wasn't immune to the abrupt changes brought about by the pandemic. With cancelled tours and delayed promotions, BTS had to rethink their releases and musical projects. As a one-off, the group decided to release Dynamite, their first-ever full-English song. Much to their surprise, the single launched them into bigger fame and to the top of the charts like never before. For Dynamite, BTS is seen in retro garb paying tribute to the '70s; Jungkook wears flare denims in one shot and colourful co-ords in another. 

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Later that year, the group also released a self-produced album entitled BE. For their 2021 Seasons Greetings (a holiday shoot), the group adopted a retro '90s concept; Jungkook wears a unique all-black combo for an alley shot (right) and school attire for a 'new in the city' theme (left). 

6. 2021: Butter and Permission to Dance era

Following the success of Dynamite, BTS has since released two other full-English tracks, namely Butter and Permission to Dance (PTD). For both music videos, Jungkook's personal style is front-and-centre. Although the singer mixes it up with purple hair, his outfits remain true to his roots. Even for PTD—which saw all other members wearing brightly coloured attire—Jungkook simply refused to give up his e-boy signature and kept his western garb all-black.

The group also held a record-breaking virtual concert titled Soowoozoo in celebration of their 2021 anniversary. Here, the youngest member was spotted with outfits that displayed his fully tattooed arm (a big feat for the singer as tattoos are often censored in mainstream Korean media). Thus, his 'beach boy' look (yellow Fendi polo shirt) for the concert's opening immediately went viral on Twitter and held the number one global hashtag spot for two days. 

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As BTS continues to dominate charts, fans will get to see even more of each member's style, especially as they keep bagging endorsement deals left and right, most notable of which is their ambassadorship for French luxury house Louis Vuitton. If this recap has taught us anything about the group's golden maknae, it's that no matter the era, we can always count on Jeon Jungkook to keep serving quintessential Gen Z looks—chunky shoes, baggy jeans, and bucket hats in tow.

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