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Suga, the rapper of BTS and Tatler's Asia's Most Stylish 2020 honouree is one of the most fashion-forward members of the group. Here, we break down his best fashion moments

As the biggest group in the world today, BTS has many titles under their belt, with the band continuing to break records and barriers as a group, cementing the popularity of K-pop to the world. But the members have become fashion icons in their own right, sporting looks that have sent many into a frenzy.

One of the most fashion-forward members is Suga, the group's lead rapper, also known as Min Yoongi. His fashion sense earned him a spot on Tatler's Asia's Most Stylish 2020 list. The Deagu wordsmith finds the perfect balance between high-fashion and comfort, embracing his own style while also glamming it up when needed. In celebration of Suga's birthday on March 9, we're listing a few of our favourite fashion looks from BTS' lead rapper.

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1. All in black

All black everything is a staple when it comes to Suga's fashion—whether it's for a photoshoot, a performance, a music video or an interview. Suga can often be seen sporting at least one piece of black clothing or an accessory that's black, with his outfits always looking effortlessly pulled together.

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2. Airport fashion

It's also worth mentioning how effortless and straightforward Suga's airport style is. Especially as these looks haven't been chosen by stylists, with the artist himself picking them out. While he can be seen wearing the label Fear of God on several occasions, he also wears a unique mix of brands with a preference for Japanese streetwear such as Mastermind Japan and Visvim.

An outfit that epitomises his style and typical mixing of high-fashion and streetwear was when he was spotted wearing a Chanel coat at the airport, casually worn over a leather jacket with a blue beanie and distressed jeans.

3. Everything about Daechwita

When Suga dropped his second mixtape, D-2 under his solo moniker, Agust D, it sent fans in a frenzy. Along with the songs he put out, his look for the title track, Daechwita also turned many heads. The title of the song refers to a genre of Korean traditional music, usually performed in royalty processions or military ceremonies using wind and percussion instruments.

To go along with the military theme, Suga wore a green hooded multi-pocket jacket from R13 and slim-leg jeans from his favourite, Fear of God, finished off with a pair of sneakers from Jordan. But it's his long hair, parted in the middle with an undercut that really made this look iconic.

For his look as a king in the music video, Suga wears a modernised hanbok complete with long blonde hair, a look that syncs so well with his sword dance, both hanbok and hair just swinging along. This look showcases the mixing of elements of traditional Korean music and visuals.

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4. All the hats

Suga loves amplifying his style using hair accessories from a cap to headband and plenty of beanies. Some of the most memorable ones include the orange beanie in the BTS Winter Package 2020 in Finland, the headband and bandana from Mic Drop music video and performances, the headband during BTS Bon Voyage in New Zealand, his white cap in Fire music video and the pink cap in Boy With Luv music video. Suga can also often be seen wearing beanies, caps or headbands during Run BTS, the group's own "reality show".

5. HYYH era

Suga's look during the group's Most Beautiful Moment in Life era was so memorable that it's often been dubbed as the "Mint Yoongi" look, with mint referring to his mint coloured hair and Yoongi referring to his real name.

Suga himself has mentioned that maintaining the hair colour takes effort and so is the process of getting it. But given the brightness of this hair, it's been remembered as one of his most iconic hairstyles. That said, the slightly orange-brownish hair he had during this era is also remembered by many especially in the I Need U music video.

Like many of his fans, I'm always waiting for the comeback of Suga's most colourful hairstyles. 

6. A rainbow of style

No doubt, wearing all-black has become sort of synonymous with Suga's style but once in a while, when he does wear colour, the looks standout as being iconic for the rapper. The bright colours from his Marie Claire photoshoot are a favourite among his legion of fans. Meanwhile, the iconic Seesaw sweater he wore during Love Yourself: Speak Yourself (The Final) performance showcased a rather "sexy" look for the rapper.

For one of Suga's outfit in BTS Season's Greetings 2021, many liken his colourful look to his bandmate, J-hope who is known for his love of colours, earning him the nickname, "sunshine of BTS".

7. Hip-hop days

Suga's fashion during the group's No More Dream days is a reflection of his hip-hop roots, starting as an underground rapper in his native Daegu before moving to Seoul to pursue music, mainly as a producer. This look also embodies his humble beginnings as a rapper and producer, talents he has shown not only as a member of BTS but also in his own solo projects be it his mixtapes or producing for other artists.

Many of his fellow group members said that Suga had the best fashion sense during their trainee days and early days as a group and this look is certainly the epitome of that.

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