Cover BTS makes their official debut as Louis Vuitton's house ambassadors during the LV Men's FW21 show in Seoul (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

The Louis Vuitton Men FW21 show in Seoul marks BTS' first official appearance as house ambassadors

Louis Vuitton presented a Fall/Winter 2021 spin-off collection by men's artistic director Virgil Abloh in Seoul starring house ambassadors and pop icons, BTS. The group's participation marks their first official appearance as brand ambassadors as they grace the "stage" at Buncheon Art Bunker B39, an art and culture space. They were previously invited to the Fall/Winter 2021 show earlier this year and wore all Louis Vuitton suits at the Grammys red carpet.

The event features a dedicated moving-image performance by the septet—RM, Suga, Jin, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook—each decked in FW21 pieces. Directed by Korean director Jeon Go-woon, the film stages a conversation between space, movement and the global connectivity central to our moment in time by making use of the venue's various floors. It also explores the city of Seoul through the lens of diversity. As we move from member to member, they gaze at each other as if they're conversing and showcase their explosive visuals.

Expanding on the original idea proposed in the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the 41-look spin-off also included 34 new looks. BTS wore seven looks individually and another seven in a group shot—all of which were originally presented in the performance art film back in January 2021. Shot in slow motion, each member flaunted the pieces as they gracefully move around the industrial venue—echoing the film's central theme of space, movement and global connectivity. The soundtrack featured an original score written and produced by Cifika, Kim Kate and Net Gala.

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The spin-off show echoes "The Voyage" format that Virgil Abloh initiated in 2020 where collections and shows travel to the destinations of Louis Vuitton's global community, meeting clients in their own parts of the world. It's perfect that brand ambassadors, BTS are global superstars who took the music industry by storm and now are fast becoming fashion icons in their own right. The 10-minute film also started with a voice-over in Korean about a pilot who came to a "totally foreign place" following bad weather, reflecting the sense of travel that Abloh envisioned.

But the film also goes beyond, inviting viewers to experience a runway show instead. Abloh seems to keep his word that working with BTS is more than just them wearing his designs but rather a partnership, with one artist to another. Each member's style and charm take their own well-deserved spotlight with BTS themselves showing that they already have an affinity for both acting and modelling.

At this point, it's as if there's nothing that they can do. This collaboration between the fashion house and the pop icons is just the first of many and if it says anything—the future ones will be just as legendary.

See all the looks below:

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Jimin wears a beige coloured suit with specks of details from the FW21 collection. He completes the look with Louis Vuitton shades. In the official photos, he shows off a silver tote bag.

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RM wears a fedora with his long coat that has aeroplanes as buttons. He also wears a green striped shirt and tie. In the official photos, RM is holding the Valise Cotteville case.

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Meanwhile, Suga—who is Tatler's Asia's Most Stylish honouree—wears a blazer/suit version of Namjoon's aeroplane-button coat with a blue-collared red shirt inside. He also sports a green Louis Vuitton bag with the words, "same place at the same time" on the strap while his shoes are the LV Trainer sneakers.

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J-hope is decked in the dramatic LV Wax shirt and suit that has the iconic Louis Vuitton logo in a pattern. Over the chest and shoulder, a map and two circles with the words "Louis Vuitton" is spread across. He also sports eye-catching red shoes.

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V is covered in layers. First, he wears a black coat, followed by a red and black patterned overall and pants. He finishes off the look with a red shirt and tie. He's also holding a Louis Vuitton patterned satchel and the Fall 2021 coffee cup monogram.

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Jungkook's look is simple yet slick, donning a long black coat over another black jacket and pants. Inside, he's wearing a black and white striped shirt and lined pants. In the official photos, he's holding a black LV bag.

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Jin is wearing a red, black and light brown plaid long coat. Underneath, he's wearing a black vest and pants as well as a lined white shirt and tie. He's also holding the green Litter bag.

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In the final group shot, each member is dressed in a new outfit. RM wears a baseball jacket and denim as he holds a blue City Keepall bag while Suga sports a denim jacket and pants, finishing off the look with sunglasses and what appears to be the LV handle trunk.

V's look is colourful: white blazer/suit, green pants, yellow back, striped shirt and tie and green shoes. Jungkook gives off a western vibe with his look, wearing a cowboy hat, a pullover with an aeroplane silhouette, a brown belt with a silver buckle in the middle, denim pants and sunglasses. He's also holding what seems to be the Christopher PM backpack in one hand.

Meanwhile, J-hope looks comfortable in the white crap coat, brown pants and blazer. Underneath, he's wearing a striped blue and white shirt and tie, complete with LV Dust sunglasses. He's holding the coffee cup in one hand and the newspaper pouch in another. Jimin's experimental style goes perfectly well with his brightly coloured plaid jacket, pants and skirt. Finally, Jin is wearing a fedora, grey blazer/suit and pants. Underneath is a black vest and striped shirt and tie. He's also holding a Louis Vuitton tote bag.

The show just marks the first in many upcoming campaigns with Louis Vuitton. These fashion kings are just getting started and the world should get ready for it.

Watch the full fashion film below:

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Above Watch the LV Men's FW21 Show in Seoul
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