Cover Jin of BTS is seen on departure at Gimpo International Airport on November 21, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/GC Images)

In celebration of BTS Jin’s birthday, we breakdown some of Mr Worldwide Handsome’s most stylish looks

Soothing voice? Check. Tall stature? Check. Good looks? Check. Fashion icon? Check. Jin (Kim Seok-jin),  the oldest member of the award-winning pop group, BTS has it all.

Dubbed by fans and himself as the crowned Worldwide Handsome, Jin’s good looks is a definite eye-catcher, so much so that his appearance in the Grammys or the recent American Music Awards has earned him many close up shots from various media organisations. Alongside his voice and lovable nature, Jin is also known for his fashion style. The singer isn’t afraid to experiment with his style, can rock a hanbok and is known for his love for a certain brand and style of jeans.

In celebration of Jin’s birthday on December 4, we break down some of his iconic looks that we can’t move on from.

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1. The white prince

Jin can definitely rock a lot of colours but there’s something about the singer wearing white that makes him almost ethereal, one that exists in fairytales and will sweep you off your feet. Jin with a white blazer, shirt and black bowtie definitely gives him Prince Charming vibes but his famous “all white” airport outfit feels otherworldly—and only Jin can pull that off.

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2. His love affair with Thom Browne

Like all of his fellow BTS members who have their own affinity for certain brands, Jin does too and it’s with Thom Browne. Not only does he have the Samsung x Thom Browne phone case, but he also wears their button-up shirt, bag, coat, suit and tie. Jin decked in Thom Browne is a look worth seeing.

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3. Mix and match

We all have our own go-to style that makes us comfortable. Jin, on the other hand, takes it an extra mile. He’s not afraid to experiment and mix and match. Case on point is its infamous pink checked button-up shirt, patterned tie, denim shorts and straw hat he wore during the group’s trip to Malta. It was so bold that even the members jokingly said that he don’t want to be seen with Jin with that outfit.

Despite the ragtag piece, Mr Worldwide Handsome himself is undeniably looking great in it.

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4. Long coats

Blessed with tall stature and wide shoulders, Jin rocks long coats whether it’s puffed ones, patterned, in bright pink or muted brown.

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5. The Sin Jeans

Besides Jin’s love for Thom Browne, the oldest member of BTS also has a thing for distressed jeans which fans have dubbed as “The Sin Jeans”. In case you didn’t notice, he also loves to pair them with white tops.

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6. Casual look

The casual look of BTS members, sometimes called affectionately by fans as their airport fashion, has always been a fan favourite. Not only do the members style themselves but fans get to see them at their most down-to-Earth look. Jin can rock both casual and experimental for his airport fashion but when he goes casual, it’s really casual—slippers, jeans, plain shirt, plaid shirt, coat, hoodie and even a leather jacket.

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7. A rainbow of colours

Jin can pull of any colour but when he wears a variety of them, it brings out his fun side. His unicorn onesie is a definite stand-out.

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8. The infamous hanbok

Speaking of airport fashion, Jin once showed up at the airport wearing a hanbok. Now that’s an unexpected piece of clothing to wear. The infamous look is the result of losing a bet on Run BTS, the group member’s own reality show. As punishment, he had to wear a hanbok to the airport. Jin took the look seriously, even having it fitted right before the day. Needless to say, it was a great look to showcase his Korean roots.

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