Cover Here are the designers that BTS wore in the new Samsung commercial (Photo: Samsung)

The pop superstars and fashion icons wore eye-catching designer items in their new commercial for Samsung. Read on to find out more about these luxury pieces

Pop superstars, BTS appear in a new commercial for Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone as its brand ambassadors. The commercial was unveiled during Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event. It might be called a commercial, but the three-minute video also moonlights as an alternative music video for their smash hit, Butter—just this time, with a phone involved.

It's not surprising that BTS can pull off creative and fun commercials or music videos and even performances. But more the song and the product they're advertising, the outfits that each member wears also catches attention. The septet are fast becoming fashion icons, especially as Louis Vuitton's ambassadors and have always flaunted their own unique style.

Curious to know what fashionable designer items the group wore? Read our breakdown to find out what they are.

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1. RM

BTS' leader RM decided to go for a matching blue Sandro pointed-collar zip-up denim jacket and blue pants. Looks simple yet cool, that's RM.

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2. Jin

Jin, the "worldwide handsome" member went for a colourful top with Saint Laurent's gradient-effect denim jacket. He also wore a 10 Decorat palm tree pendant with classic white Conserve chuck 70 low top.

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3. Suga

Rapper Suga—who has been open not wanting to be defined by notions of masculinity—yet again wore an item from a women's collection. He donned a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy logo-applique wool-jacquard cardigan, together with the same palm tree pendant that Jin wore. For his shoes, he wore an Alexander McQueen deck lace-up plimsoll.

Suga also composed his own rendition of Samsung's iconic Over the Horizon tune, the name of the melody of Samsung's default ringtone.

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4. J-hope

Just like his Sope buddy, J-hope also wore a cardigan from a women's collection. The sunshine of the group went for a bright-coloured Marni painted mohair-blend cardigan, Projekt Produkt glasses and a Wilhelmina Garcia magic chain with heart necklace.

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5. Jimin

Vocalist Jimin wore a striking red Ernest W. Baker open-knit Mohair cardigan and topped it off with an Alexander McQueen tread slick lace-up. With that cardigan and shoe, no one can miss Jimin.

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6. V

Visual heartthrob V sported Marni's abstract zip-up jacket and the same Alexander McQueen shoe from his 95' liner friend, Jimin. In one part of the commercial, he wore green-tinted glasses from Manomos to match his jacket.

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7. Jungkook

Golden Boy Jungkook also went for a denim jacket but not just any denim jacket—it's a Sandro tulip-print denim jacket. His shoes are from Prada, the monolith brushed leather loafers. It looks heavy but the golden boy can always rock whatever fit he wears.

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