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The long wait is over! After weeks of teasing their next full-English record after the Grammy-nominated bop, Dynamite, the official music video for Butter has arrived. Here are the moments we're still not over:

Since topping the Billboard chart back in 2018, the world's eyes have been on K-pop band BTS. Recent announcements of brand partnerships with Louis Vuitton and McDonald's, and a cameo in the upcoming Friends reboot have only further cemented their status as global superstars. Today, BTS has released their second English-language track: Butter. 

Here, we round up our favourite moments from the video, which was released alongside the single.

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1. Jimin's rainbow do

All BTS members have donned practically all hair colours possible—from pink, teal, purple, platinum blonde, and even green. But for their latest comeback, Jimin takes things a step further by sporting a full rainbow do. 

2. 90's Basketball fits

The septet shows off moves that are smooth like butter while decked out in colourful 90s basketball garb. An ode to their Dynamite MV, perhaps? 

3. Solo dance breaks

The group is well known for their killer dance breaks––as seen in early tracks like Dope and Boy in Luv––but in the Butter video, each BTS member flaunts their own moves as they dance to the uber-catchy track.

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4. When V said, "don't need no Usher"

An ode to the original R&B king, V has us stunned with this killer sequence. All draped in orange, the second-youngest member gives Usher a run for his money when it comes to pulling off some seriously smooth vocals.

5. Flawlessly-executed choreo (as usual)

In the video for new single, Butter, the group once again shows off quintessential BTS choreography—well-coordinated, flawless, and eye-grabbing. How cute is that hand-kiss move?

6. Nod to ARMY

Perhaps the only group equally as famous as BTS themselves is their loyal following who answer to the moniker, ARMY. RM, the group's leader, pays homage to their fans in his rap solo.

7. Rapline swag + J-Hope end focus

Consisting of three rappers (RM, Suga, J-Hope) and four vocalists (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook)—the former three shine in this video with their smooth lyrics and undeniable swag. "Got the right body and the right mind," Suga sings—we definitely agree! How cute is J-Hope's smile at the end?

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Will this track top the charts once more? Will it defeat records set by Dynamite? Only time (and perhaps) the ARMY will tell. Re-watch the entire Butter video below:

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