BTS kicked off the Grammys 2021 by flaunting seven different fits from Louis Vuitton's fall 2021 menswear collection

K-pop superstars, BTS graced the Grammys 2021 red carpet wearing pieces from Louis Vuitton's Fall 2021 menswear collection. It's a big night for the K-pop juggernauts, making history as the first South Korean group to nab a Grammy nomination in the best pop duo/group performance category for their chart-topping single, Dynamite.

The septet—RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook—kicked off the awards show suited up in seven different sleek looks. The group was previously invited by Louis Vuitton to attend the virtual unveiling of Virgil Abloh's new collection which speaks of fusing sportswear and modern tailoring.

This mirrors BTS' own fashion duality, being able to pull off fashionable sportswear as well as chic suiting. The modern suiting for Grammys 2021 is a far cry from their flashy Gucci fits and more reminiscent of their recent outfits from Prada and Bottega Veneta.

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Above BTS wearing pieces from Louis Vuitton's fall 2021 collection (Photo: Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment)

The looks offer seven different takes on tailoring, each expressing a member's individuality. RM is wearing an all-camel look which includes a hoodie with blazer-style pockets which contrasts with Jin's classic black suit and necktie. Meanwhile, Suga sports a classic all-black suit, with black being a staple part of the rapper's fashion while J-hope's black sweater is amplified by a giant flower lapel pinned onto it.

V and Jimin are both draped in classic outfits with V wearing an oversized camel suit and Jimin with a fitted dark brown/violet suit. Jungkook also wears a black blazer and finishes off his look by ditching the necktie.

The K-pop group have many titles under their belt and continue to take the world by storm with their singing, dancing, show-stopping performances and amazing personality but also by their impeccable style. By showcasing seven different ways of suiting up, the group is only continuing to add to their stellar list of fashionable looks.

Despite not being able to take home the award, BTS has already won in many ways—for breaking barriers, smashing records, dominating the global music market and changing the lives of those who listen to their music. No award can replace the impact they’ve created and the best thing about it is that they're just getting started.

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