Cover V of BTS attends the press conference for BTS's New Album 'LOVE YOURSELF: Her' release at Lotte Hotel Seoul on September 18, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images)

The BTS vocalist and dancer has left many smitten over his unique voice and sense of style. In celebration of his birthday, we look back at his most stylish moments that we can’t get over

BTS V or Kim Taehyung is an undeniable triple threat: baritone and soulful voice, great dance moves and an in-demand actor despite only appearing in one K-drama role so far. But beyond these, V is also imaginative, playful, artistic and fashionable. Let’s not forget his good looks, oftentimes even topping most handsome lists—a literal king of visuals.

It’s often said by fans that V ends models’ careers because of how great the vocalist looks, regardless of what he wears and honestly, where is the lie? V’s style is the best of both worlds—he can go for a simpler, cosy look and still look like he walked straight out of a photoshoot or he can sport high-fashion while on his way to the airport. Experimental, bold, fun and delicate, are just some words to describe the singer’s style.

In celebration of V’s birthday on December 30, we look back at some of his most stylish looks that have left us smitten, and frankly, weak in the knees.

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1. His love affair with Gucci

BTS might be Louis Vuitton ambassadors but here’s no denying V’s love for all things Gucci. Similar to fellow 1995 liner Jimin’s love for Chanel and maknae Jungkook’s love for Balenciaga, V also leans towards Gucci and you can spot him wearing the brand on many occasions. V can make it look both casual and high fashion, whether it’s heading to the airport, for a press conference or a photoshoot.

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2. The long coats

V might not be the tallest BTS member but he sure looks good in a long coat because he’s Kim Taehyung. Give to the vocalist for being able to flaunt any colour—classic black, chic white, muted brown and even patterned ones.

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3. The playful patterns and colours

Black has always been a staple for many BTS members but V goes beyond. His choice for fashion echoes the vocalist’s own personality: fun and cheerful. It’s not surprising that V loves patterns and colours. Just look at those patterned Gucci pants he wore during a Dynamite performance! That’s not something anyone can just wear and look great in, right?

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4. The neck accessories

Plain ol’ necklaces? V says no thank you because he does it better. The singer opts for something more playful, again. Instead of the usual necklaces (which he also sports from time to time), V goes for chokers and scarves instead. We love a man who’s not afraid of being bold and stylish all at the same time.

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5. The delicate collars

Leave it to V to become your real-life Prince Charming. The BTS vocalist also ditches boring shirts for more delicate collars, whether it’s ruffles or ribbons. This look makes V a romantic leading man straight out of a fairy tale story.

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