Cover Asia's Most Stylish 2022 features actors, singers and entertainers such as (from left) Indonesia's Happy Salma, the Philippines' Jasmine Curtis, Taiwan's Nick Chou, Hong Kong's Tyson Yoshi and China's Hai Qing.

These multi-faceted entertainers on Asia’s Most Stylish list are beloved by fashion brands and luxury labels

Apart from their talents on stage or on screen, the bright lights of Asia’s Most Stylish 2022 are known for what they wear. These actors, musicians and all-around entertainers subscribe to a range of fashion ideas, from trusting only in timeless pieces to championing traditional dress and fabrics. And because of their star power, they’ve become favourites of fashion and luxury brands, too. Below, some of the biggest names and famous faces on Asia’s Most Stylish 2022 list. 

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Nick Chou (Taiwan)

Nick Chou, who banners the September edition of Tatler Taiwan along with his mother Billie Wang, is a multi-faceted creative involved in music, acting and, most recently, design. He stepped into the scene with rap features in Wang’s album and Jolin Tsai’s music video for “Real Man”, and then carved a successful solo music career, with several albums under his belt. Though he spends his life in the spotlight, Chou prefers a “simple and comfortable” style: boxy Cuban-collared shirts, a range of outerwear for layering. In 2021, his creative company Wish You a Good Life worked with The Remade to design limited-edition Nike shoes.

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Happy Salma (Indonesia)

Happy Salma, a member of the royal family of Ubud, Bali, taps into a range of creative mediums to champion Indonesia’s culture. An actor, director and producer, she was most recently in the movie Before, Now & Then, playing Nana, a woman who remarries in the aftermath of the Second World War. The multi-talented creative is also the co-founder of Titimangsa Foundation, a non-profit that adapts Indonesian literary works for the theatre. Displaying the full breadth of her country’s arts, Happy Salma often wears traditional clothing and fabrics, updating them for today. 

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Jasmine Curtis (Philippines)

“Fashion is there to guide and help us define our overall styles, so invest in pieces that are timeless,” muses Jasmine Curtis. With this in mind, the award-winning actor, who shines in both movies and TV, chooses LBDs for nights out and the ease of jeans paired with a white top for every day. When not in front of the camera, Curtis can be seen in swimwear by the beach—her favourite resort brands are local label Balud and inclusive brand Float. 

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Tyson Yoshi (Hong Kong)

A testament to his popularity and success, Hong Kong rapper Tyson Yoshi has logged millions of views on YouTube, with his song “Christy” alone receiving 18M views. The rapper, who sports pink, blonde or blue hair, is beloved by clothing and jewellery labels, appearing in Dior, Louis Vuitton and Swarovski, among others, on his Instagram. Yoshi, who has toured in Taiwan and the UK, will showcase his flair for music and style at the MetaMoon Music Festival in New York in November.

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Hai Qing (China)

Hai Qing’s recent film Return to Dust, which had its world premiere in Berlinale 2022 and was nominated for a Golden Bear, has received praise from critics around the world. The film sees the 44-year-old actor play a farmer’s wife in rural China, with a measured performance that depicts how the traditional way of life is eroded by redevelopment. Outside of acting, Hai Qing is lauded for her elegant style, making her a mainstay of magazines like L’Officiel and Marie Claire. Two projects are lined up for the actor, the TV series Xin Ju and Fire on the Plain.

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