Tyson Yoshi


He’s made a name for himself as a successful musician, but Tyson Yoshi is also making waves as a style icon

Tyson Yoshi is one of Hong Kong’s most well-known artists. His songs have amassed more than 37 million views on YouTube; he has 245,000 listeners on Spotify each month, with streams from more than 100 countries; and he has toured internationally, a feat for any Hong Kong musician.

Collaborations with Valentino Beauty, Prada, Gucci and Nars have cemented his star status with luxury brands all over the world. Yoshi regards Stüssy Hong Kong and Chrome Hearts as some of his favourite brands, and the star looks to Justin Bieber and singer Paul Jason Flein for style inspiration.

“Justin Bieber. Sometimes I wonder if an item he’s wearing is actually well-designed, or if it’s because he’s famous and makes it look cool.”

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