These local makeup brands are making us proud—and helping us achieve our skincare goals

For the longest time, Filipino skincare and beauty had been overlooked—but finally people here are starting to put themselves first. These local skincare brands may have found success within clients around the world, but their goal (first and foremost) has always been to cater to the uniqueness of Filipino beauty. 

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1. Happy Skin

Happy Skin is a pioneer in local skincare and beauty. Made for morenas, Happy Skin has also vowed to create products that are not only easy-to-use but are multi-functional as well. From moisturising lippies to foundations already formulated with SPF, Happy Skin touches upon the cornerstones of skin-caring makeup that is all-inclusive and cruelty-free. 

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2. Sunnies Face

The ever-popular Sunnies Face carries straightforward beauty products for all kinds of skin tones. From their iridescent Face Gloss to their holy grail Airbrush blushes, Sunnies Face continuously creates covetable items for everyone's boudoir. Their first foray into skincare seems widely popular as well, with influencers and beauty gurus giving rave reviews about their serum-like moisturiser, the Dream Cream. 

3. Issy & Co

Issy & Co is slowly but surely climbing their way up to cult classic status. Their Active Skin Tint and Concealer, which comes in nine shades, are among their most popular products (we're still waiting on a restock!). But while their Hydragloss lippies and Creme Blush formulations are classic must-trys, one simply cannot overlook their line of skincare products which include cleansing balms and booster serums. The best part? They're all made vegan!

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4. Colourette Cosmetics

Inclusive and versatile, Colourette Cosmetics provides morena beauties with a wide range of colours for eyes, face, lips, and even hair. Their bestsellers include their line of Colourtints (oil-based liquid) and Coloursnaps (tinted balms), both of which can be used on eyes, face, and lips. Don't forget to check out their dyes if you're looking to go for a whole new 'do. 

5. Human Nature

With a strong promise of promoting natural, Human Nature has earned the trust of plenty of Filipinos. Their makeup line is crafted with natural ingredients—everything from their creamy lipsticks to straightforward eyeshadow palettes. These days, Human Nature has also expanded to include items for bath and body, as well as home and housekeeping.

6. Strokes Beauty Lab

Strokes Beauty Lab is among the country's newest makeup brands. Established only in 2020, the name comes rapidly expanding with a line of beauty products for eyes and lips. Their Velvet Click Stick is a fun lippie applicator that lets users click (instead of twist) for more. Many of their other products are targeted towards your peepers, with brow fixers, sculptors, and microblade pens all ready for use. 

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7. BLK Cosmetics

BLK Cosmetics aims to provide modern Filipinas with all their beauty needs. Their ultimate goal has been clear from the get-go: to provide straightforward and quality cosmetics that are worth both your time and money. Check out their bestseller's list which includes tinted sunscreen, glossy lip gels, airy serums for girls (or guys) on the go. 

8. VMV Hypoallergnics

Internationally acclaimed VMV Hypoallergenics is a godsend to sensitive skin. Their makeup products are all formulated to accommodate most skin types, ensuring that skin not only looks brighter and healthier, but feels it too. Check out their volumising mascara, subtle shine lipstick, and gentle makeup removers for boudoir must-haves. 


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