Cover Pili Ani founder Rosalina Tan and Elemie Naturals president and CEO Mary Jane Tan-Ong

Pili Ani founder Rosalina Tan and Elemie Naturals president and CEO Mary Jane Tan-Ong talk about this liquid gold that is the soul of their homegrown skincare brand

Are ten-step skin routines necessary?

While a cultural movement gave rise to the famed ten-step routine, we created our skincare line, we wanted an easy-to-follow regimen with streamlined essentials. Our routine takes only five steps—cleanse, tone, mask, moisturise and mist. But at whatever stage you’re on in your beauty regimen, our skin would respond differently to products. We suggest you start with your basics, cleanser and moisturiser, and then build on it as needed.

How important is face oil? What does it do to the skin?

Face oils are a decadent, luxurious skincare product. They are suitable for most skin types–even if you’re prone to acne. . .Yes, [face oils smoothen] and protect your complexion but they don’t add moisture to the skin. They do, however, work to complement your skin’s natural oils and deal for any skin type. Oils guard the top layer of the skin by installing a barrier that stops the skin’s natural and artificial hydration from getting out, and environmental pollutants from getting in Pili Ani has two antioxidant-rich facial oils—the Ageless Concentrate and the Self-care Night Recovery Oil. . .Not only does our formula leave the skin feeling more moisturised, but it’ll noticeably also be smoother and softer too.

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Why is pili oil good for the skin? What does it do?

Pili oil may not be as mainstream as skincare darlings like argan and rosehip. But this underrated facial oil can give you an instant glow up thanks to its nourishing and brightening properties. This oil comes from the pulp of the fruit of the pili fruit from the Bicol region. This substance is so precious that it takes 1,500 to 3,500 fruits to extract a single litre of oil and you can only harvest the fruits once a year. It’s practically liquid gold.

Pili oil yields substantial amounts of fatty acids, particularly oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid—prime ingredients for skincare. . .It’s high in antioxidants which allow it to restore skin from the signs of ageing. [Pili oil] is rich in essential amino acids that balance and soothe the skin. . . It’s rich in vitamin a & e which neutralises free radicals, protecting your skin from damage. This is on top of functions such as brightening and smoothening.

Pili oil itself is natural, ergo the likelihood of side effects is low. However, every skin is different. You should also check its accompanying ingredients that could potentially cause a reaction. As with any other skincare product, it’s best to perform a patch test first before fully committing.


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