In an exclusive interview for Merz, award winning actress, beauty and lifestyle icon Gwyneth Paltrow talks about a new formulation that fits right into her advocacy for pure beauty products and treatments.

Meeting celebrities, especially those you have admired for quite some time, is one of those milestone moments that can leave you dumbfounded. What do I say? Will she be nice? These are just some of the thoughts going through my head when I was told I would be interviewing Oscar, Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award winner as well as domestic goddess and owner of lifestyle brand Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow, for her partnership with Merz Aesthetics®.

This all-natural, wholistic advocate who has revolutionised the way we live, eat and think is partnering, for the first time, with an aesthetics company for its pure anti-wrinkle injection. Merz Aesthetics® is one of the world’s largest medical aesthetics business, with a product portfolio of clinically proven injectables. It is also the makers of the popular non-invasive skin tightening device, Ultherapy®. Located in 32 countries with its global headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, it is part of Merz Group, a family-owned company founded in 1908 and based in Frankfurt, Germany.

I was given a short time to conduct the interview via Zoom. When it was my turn to be let in, the thought paramount in my head was what to say to avoid the initial awkward pleasantries. But of course, as soon as I saw her on my screen, ready to talk to me, I could not help but blurt out, like a great fan, “You are looking as gorgeous as always!”. To which she smiled and said, “It’s this light that’s hiding all my flaws.”

We were off to a good start. Here’s the interview.

ANTON SAN DIEGO: What made you decide to partner with them for their pure anti-wrinkle injection?

GWYNETH PALTROW: As a woman who is ageing in society now, we all need to give ourselves permission to decide how we want to age or what tricks and things we want to help ourselves with. For me, it is important that I always look as natural as possible. The cornerstones of my wellness are really exercise and nutrition, sleep and hydration and being around people that I love.

But I have a good friend who is a plastic surgeon, Dr Julius Few from Chicago, whom I regularly consult with regarding this matter. And I always ask him, “What are people doing? What’s new in aesthetics?” I ask a lot of questions because I have always been scared to do something too crazy. One day he told me about this product, so I tried it. I found it very natural yet effective. I also felt good learning that the formula itself is uniquely purified so it was a good thing to try; and I was really happy with the results.

ASD: How many years ago was this?

GP: I first tried it three years ago.

ASD: You have been open about not being a fan of anti-wrinkle injections. Why the change of heart?

GP: I have tried another anti-wrinkle injection around the time I was 40. I really did not like the results. I really felt like it did not make me look natural. When he introduced the Merz Aesthetics® product, the doctor told me, “It’s just one little drop here [points to the skin between her eyes] and it’s not going to freeze your face at all. It will just make you look a little refreshed. It’s only a little bit to deal with, the frown lines, so try it because the lines are bothering you. This little bit might make you feel great.”

It was true! It was completely natural and gave me just a little bit of feeling like I look refreshed, you know?

ASD: There are so many products out there in the market. Why do you veer towards clean and pure products and treatments? Why are they important?

GP: I need to say first that I never judge anybody who wants to try anything. I really believe that everybody needs to do what’s right for them, no matter how invasive or whatever. If it works for you, that’s great! For me, I have always been focused on building wellness inside out. This product is uniquely purified, which makes me feel good about it. It is nice to be able to find a balance. Because really, the truth is that I’ve always been very dedicated to my wellness exercise routine and all that, but I still have a martini in the evening or a glass of wine. Or I read all these fantastic books and then I still watch some tacky show on reality TV. This is balance—never punishing ourselves for anything that we choose to do and enjoying the spectrum [of choices].

I really believe that everybody needs to do what’s right for them, no matter how invasive or whatever. If it works for you, that’s great!
Gwyneth Paltrow

ASD: You were talking earlier about maturing. How has your approach to beauty changed and your self-care evolved? How does one truly “age gracefully”?

GP: The main thing is to like yourself and to make friends with yourself because if you’re coming from a place of “oneness” with yourself and you have good self-esteem, then the choices that you make will come from that place as well, as opposed to coming from a place where you really don’t like yourself or you don’t feel good about yourself. This can lead to making choices that you will regret.

ASD: I learnt that even if you are in this “clean pure movement”, you are already eating meat now when before you weren’t. What happened?

GP: As I’m getting older I notice that I’m also getting a lot less strict with myself than when I was, say, in my thirties. Then I was at the height of being strict about food, diet and everything. And I have just, in my forties, decided what’s right for me is to, you know, loosen up a bit. I don’t eat a ton of meat but if it is from a good farm and it’s beautifully prepared and I’m at a friend’s house and they made it, I’m gonna eat it.

ASD: What advice can you give to Filipinos who want to start these treatments but don’t know how or where to start?

GP: I think the internet has given us all the power to research on our own and I would advise people to really read up on any medical aesthetics treatment they are thinking of trying. Or find a doctor from whom to ask. It’s important to be empowered to ask. I have a friend who was talked into something that he was not comfortable with or who learnt later that he didn’t fully understand what he got himself into. Knowledge is power in all areas in life.

ASD: May we ask you to give a message to your fans in the Philippines?

GP: Hello to all my friends and fans in the Philippines. I have never been there but have always been dying to go. It’s funny ‘cause I was already planning a trip there but then it [COVID-19] happened. So, I’m really looking forward to going there and meeting everybody.

Merz Aesthetics® and Ultherapy® are registered trademarks of Merz group of companies.


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