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Skincare shouldn't be exclusive. Today, we take a look at some of the best products out there — for men!

Skincare has always been an important part of the daily regimen. But although most brands have turned their target towards women, men's skincare isn't far behind. Today, more and more people have come to realise that  grooming and hygiene aren't gender exclusive, which is why the often-neglected world of debonair skincare has begun to truly take off. Today, Tatler explores a few of the best brands men should invest in for healthy, glowing skin. 

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Acqua di Parma Eye Cream

Acqua di Parma's Barbiere line is one of the best (and most holistic) skincare lines on the market. It features a range of skincare essentials packaged in striking yellow tubes; choose from beard styling cream, soft shaving cream, clay face masks, and more. We're particularly loving the Barbiere Moisturising Eye Cream, which is enriched with hyaluronic acid and African birch tree bark extract. While most eye creams have been targeted towards women, Acqua di Parma chose to incorporate muskier ingredients in an effective formulation targeted to diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. 

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Lumin Skin Maintenance Set

A skincare routine can be intimidating — Lord knows that not everyone adheres strictly to any one procedure. But if you're starting out with formulating your own routine, we recommend Lumin Skin's Maintenance Set. It includes a comprehensive group of products such as the Moisturising Balm, Charcoal Cleanser, Dark Circle Defense (for your eyes!), Exfoliating Scrub, and Anti-Wrinkle Serum, all of which are designed to play a part in nourishing and revitalising your face and skin. 

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Every Man Jack Charcoal Mud Mask

Face masks have become a significant symbol for self-care; needless to say, plenty of men have become obsessed with it. Try Every Man Jack's Charcoal Mud Mask. Its powerful formulation helps draw out dirt, oil, and other types of impurities that can cause breakouts. Plus, its formula conditions your skin with added aloe and chamomile extracts so it's gentle for weekly facials.

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Bad Norwegian Face Cream

Take note: this isn't for women. Bad Norwegian earns a spot at the Cult Beauty Haul of Fame with their Revitalize Face Cream. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this face cream is an age-defying treatment that incorporates shea butter, jojoba, and aloe vera for moisturisation. Meanwhile, olive squalene and Vitamin E protect the skin against UV rays while argieline and antarcticine arrest the formation of facial wrinkles. Perfect for men aged 30 and above, the Revitalize Face Cream is both cruelty-free and vegan. 

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Baxter of California Cleansing Bar

Revitalise and re-energise your skin with Baxter of California's Cleansing Bar. Made in a citrusy scent that also features tones of herbal musk, this minimalist soap bar is perfect if you're looking to achieve ultra-hydrated skin. It promises to lift away dirt and impurities while nourishing your body with sunflower seed oil, aloe, and marine extracts. Two other variants — one for exfoliating and one for detox — are also available to suit your needs. 

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Shiseido Men Facial Serum

Serums have always been a fun way to customise your skincare routine. Now, men can do so too! Meet Shiseido Men's Active Energising Concentrate. Made to counteract signs of skin ageing, this powerful serum helps reactive cells to keep them young and healthy, making your face smooth and firm. It's a great way to offset wrinkles or any type of sagging, not to mention an effective way to keep skin plump and clear despite pollution or stress. 

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Foreo Skin Cleaner

Foreo's Swedish skin cleaner offers both men and women a more effective way to wash their faces. The Luna for Men is a sleek black device that emits high-tech pulsations for a deep facial cleanse in one minute. The product also promises to unclog pores and prep your skin for a more comfortable shave that reduces the risk of razor burn. Don't forget to try out its "anti-ageing mode" too! It allows you to put the device directly onto wrinkle-prone areas to generate and smoother and firmer appearance.

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