A simple search on Instagram will even tell you that many Korean super-fans enjoy making and running Instagram accounts dedicated to these celebrity pets

Now don’t get us wrong. We love our Korean stars. However, we also can’t resist a cute pet or two, which is probably why Instagram pages marrying the two have become a huge hit over the years. 

Celebrity pets are a totally different breed. Many of them are stars in their own right, with fans and owners creating Instagram pages dedicated to them, getting them to grace magazine covers and more. Some of these pets even have millions of followers on their dedicated social media accounts.

Curious about these famous furries? Get to know the K-pop stars, including members of Blackpink and BTS, with popular pets.

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1. Jennie and Kuma

With over 42,000 followers on Instagram, it’s hard to argue that Kuma is not as popular if not more popular than his owner, Blackpink’s Jennie. 

Kuma is a Pomeranian and has, in the past, graced the cover of Vogue Korea with his famous mum. Not bad for the resume of a pup.

Kuma is Jennie’s second dog, with her first being a white cocker spaniel named Kai. 

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2. V and Yeontan

BTS’ Kim Taehyung, who is also known as V, may have only recently joined social media in December last year but he has already adapted very quickly and obviously understands that the Internet loves cute dogs. 

Recently, V launched an Instagram account dedicated to his Pomeranian, Yeontan, who has been following him around for so long that he is basically the eighth member of the Korean boy band. 

Yeontan, who has over 19,000 followers on the social media platform, is often seen with the other BTS members and tags along for rehearsals and some events.

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3. Rosé and Hank

Rosé from Blackpink is known as the animal lover in the K-pop girl group mainly because she loves almost all animals and enjoys visiting zoos. 

The singer currently keeps two fishes, Joohwangie and Eunbyul, as well as a dog named Hank, who has his own Instagram page.

With over three million followers, it’s safe to say that Hank, who was adopted in 2020 after he was abandoned, is well-loved. Rosé typically enjoys spoiling her pup with luxury pet accessories including Tiffany & Co.’s dog bowl and Saint Laurent’s pet carrier.

4. Jessica Ho and Chewie

Jessica Ho is a Korean-American rapper who is based in South Korea. While she used to be part of groups such as Uptown and Lucky J, she is today a very famous soloist who has produced multiple chart-topping singles such as Nunu Nana and Don’t Touch Me

While she has clearly found her place in the industry, it is clear that her first love is really her dog, Chewie. The Pomeranian has over 170,000 followers and Ho regularly shares cute snaps of the pup doing various things.

5. Jisoo and Dalgom

Dalgom is a white Maltese that belongs to Blackpink’s Jisoo. The adorable pup, who has over 24,000 followers on Instagram, is pretty laid-back and enjoys spending time with Kuma, Jisoo’s bandmate’s dog. 

Last December, the K-pop star learned that she has an allergy to dogs which led to her having to move Dalgom into her parents’ house. She continues to visit the pup regularly there.


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