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The K-pop star makes rubber boots work thanks to a styling trick borrowed from ‘60s Space Age fashion

From pom-pom dresses to the colour Kelly green, the members of Blackpink have a knack for pulling off what most of us wouldn’t dare to wear in broad daylight. Jennie is no exception.

This week, the Chanel ambassador made a style decision that Coco Chanel herself would have gasped at: she wore Crocs. To be exact, the Crocs Boots, made in collaboration with Balenciaga, from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

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With their round toe and rubber construction, Jennie’s choice of footwear may have been readily overlooked if it was purely practical. But the singer wore the waterproof, wet-weather-friendly shoes indoors, on what seemed to be a sunny day. In other words, the Crocs were an aesthetic decision.

And it worked out, especially because Jennie styled them with Courrèges’ Fall/Winter 2021 Workwear Dress, a modern-day version of the French fashion brand’s archival trapeze dress. In the ‘60s, the dress represented the future; it was what designer André Courrèges imagined women would wear once the Space Age finally arrived, together with his signature go-go boots.

Intentionally or not, Jennie’s outfit mirrors Courrèges’ vision, albeit with a youthful bent courtesy of her knee-high schoolgirl socks and silver bow necklace. Overall, she makes a rather convincing case for us to purchase Balenciaga and Crocs’ boots.

But it’s not like the fashion world hasn’t already warmed up to wellingtons. Over the last few seasons, we’ve seen models at brands like Prada and Versace take to the runway in them, although no pair generated quite as much fervour as the Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots, designed by Daniel Lee. The practical shoe style was also worn by the eternal style icon Princess Diana, so it’s no wonder that they can pass as hallmarks of good taste today.

With that in mind, we can come around to accept what Jennie already knows: Crocs can be chic, after all.

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