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Managed to catch the premiere of BTS' new music video for Permission to Dance? Here are all the moments we are obsessed with

When BTS announced that they would be collaborating with English singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran for the second time on a new song titled, Permission To Dance, the news understandably sent the Internet into a tizzy. 

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The British singer-songwriter mentioned it during a radio interview in June when he said, “I’ve actually worked with BTS on their last record, and I’ve just written a song for their new record. And they’re like super, super cool guys as well.” 

Sheeran wrote Make It Right for the group in 2019, and it was featured in their album Map of the Soul: Persona. Permission To Dance on the other hand will be featured on BTS' upcoming CD version of their mega-hit single, Butter, which was released on July 9.

Today, BTS released the highly anticipated music video for Permission To Dance, which is written entirely in English. The music video quickly garnered over 22 million views in less than four hours and that number is steadily climbing.

The high-spirited video features purple balloons, the wild wild west and people ripping off their masks to dance along to the music. In fact, here are a few moments we still just can't get over.

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1. BTS goes west

The music video takes place in a desert and sees BTS dressed in cowboy boots, dusty denim jeans and white shirts as they dance in perfect synchronisation—as always. 

So don't blame yourselves if you want to get up and dance along because it's that catchy a track.

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2. They used sign language

One of the best parts of the new music video was that the choreography appears to incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) in some of its moves.

In fact, at certain points, some of the BTS members signed the words for “dance”, “talk”, and “walk”. These are all words that are in the lyrics of their new song and we are all here for the inclusivity.

Considering that the message of the video suggested that they were trying to encourage people who were down to dance to their heart's content and without needing anyone's permission, we think this little touch was extra special. 

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3. V serenading the camera

Leave it to well-loved member V to mesmerise the audience once again. At one point in the video, the camera zooms in on him with the rest of the BTS members dancing behind. From his deep stares to subtle yet sleek dance moves—we were captivated. 

And yes, we can't stop replaying this scene. 

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4. The freedom of a post-pandemic world

At this point of the pandemic, most of us are eagerly waiting for the day when it will be safe for life to go back to normal without masks and restrictions.

BTS' music video envisions this future by including triumphant scenes of the young and the old smiling as they rip off their masks. In fact, if you pay attention, you will see that some of the newspapers that the members are reading talk about it being 2022. One headline even reads, "Purple balloons signal the end of Covid-19." 

Purple has always been a significant colour to the band so it makes sense that these purple balloons signify hope and love.

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5. The bloopers at the end

At the end of their fun video, BTS includes a fun behind-the-scenes clip that shows them dancing and laughing with the cast and crew in the music video. 

We loved seeing them having so much fun with their crew and it was such a great way to end an incredible music video. 

Watch the full video below, and no—you don't need our permission to dance.

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