Cover This luxurious walk-in wardrobe designed by Jennifer Murray features a stunning vanity area with ample storage space (Photography: Koh Boon Wei/Beebox)

Get all dolled up at your vanity so that you'll look your best during important Zoom meetings. Seek design inspiration from these beautiful spaces to create your own dream dressing table to rival those of the Kardashians and other celebrities

Combining the best of both luxury and function, the vanity area is an increasingly popular feature in homes. The dedicated space is the perfect place to prim and pamper yourself morning and night; it also acts as a quick pitstop area for a refresh before a night out in town. Whether it’s located in bedrooms, closets, or bathrooms, the vanity area is a central fixture that helps you feel good.

If you have a plethora of beauty and hair products though, the dedicated dressing table can easily get out of hand with clutter. Trade your overcrowded vanity tabletops with a sleek set-up; these design ideas will lend a dose of inspiration for you to get the most out of your vanity space.

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1. A glamorous vanity

Flaunt your personality with a stylish flair by creating a bespoke interior scheme. For a homeowner seeking a bachelorette pad that embodied a sense of feminine romance, Design Intervention’s Nikki Hunt created a stunning hotel-inspired abode with lavish details.

A stylish vanity area can be found in the stylish walk-in wardrobe; featuring mirrored details and gleaming gold accents, the space exudes a sense of Hollywood-style glamour. The back of the chair in the dressing room takes its visual cues from a vintage corset dress, adding a tactile touch to the space.

Another stylish nook can be found in the master bedroom. Although it lacks a wall-hung mirror, a small tabletop mirror could still fit onto this smaller nook for easy touch-ups of your makeup. It's set against a backdrop featuring a wallpaper with plum blossom motifs. Brought to life in shades of blush and cream, the delicate floral mural is a nod to the homeowner’s Chinese heritage and adds a touch of Eastern influence to the room.

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2. A vanity area with zen vibes

Incorporating warm tones and natural textures to your vanity area can help create a relaxing sanctuary. Taking inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, this vanity nook designed by multidisciplinary practice Millihaus is a visual extension of the zen mood in the master bedroom.

The bespoke dressing table features a tabletop delicately crafted from travertine marble. With the homeowner’s appreciation for quality craftsmanship and intricate details in mind, the designers created a unique layered tabletop that is held up by storage units with curved edges. A large mirror with rounded contours and atmospheric back lighting creates a visual anchor in the space.

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3. A modern vanity area within a walk-in wardrobe

Tired of dancing between your bedroom and your closet? Tucking a vanity area within a walk-in wardrobe layout will help smoothen the flow of things when you’re getting ready.

For this luxurious abode at Sentosa Cove, its designers created a modern Italian interior scheme. Led by Jennifer Murray, the current creative director of Evocateurs, the glamorous walk-in wardrobe was converted from one of the home’s six bedrooms and is designed to impress.

Dazzling gold touches and rose-gold trimmings create a dramatic space. The built-in vanity table stretches along the side of the room, boasting a scenic view that the homeowners can admire as they prepare for the day. Velvet panels on the wall and drawers accompany high-end velvet furniture pieces to add to the room’s stylish appeal, while built-in cabinets and drawers offer copious storage space.

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4. A vanity area inspired by the Kardashians

Deliver a breathtaking first impression with a dramatic statement-making mirror that creates a larger-than-life look. Housed within the master bathroom, this vanity space crafted by Dwell Interior Design features an oversized bespoke mirror that lights up with a halo.

The reflective detail adds on to the ritzy interior scheme that’s inspired by the dazzling lives of reality TV stars the Kardashians. With handsome dark furnishings and chrome details, the large bespoke vanity area exudes a sophisticated and modern elegance.

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5. A vanity area with a minimalist scheme

Reflecting a cosmopolitan flair, this soothing vanity area is decorated with soft tones and tactile furnishings. Crafted by Studio DB for a client living in a Soho apartment, the eye-catching trio of asymmetrical mirrors make for a stylish visual focus. The clear vanity table adds a modern touch, and is complemented with a velvet pouf in rust tones for a pop of colour.

6. A multi-functional vanity area within a compact bedroom

Living in an apartment might require deft spatial planning, but don't let the lack of space deter you from incorporating a vanity area within the space constraints. Designed by Mr Shopper Studio, this master bedroom features a stylish vanity table that can double as a workspace area.

The combination of chic grey and vibrant orange creates an energetic room that’s easy on the eyes. The bespoke hanging mirror adds depth to the room, while the built-in desk and storage display acts as a repository that keeps all the go-to items within arm's reach.

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7. A versatile vanity table

You don’t need unlimited space to create a vanity area of your dreams. If a built-in vanity table isn’t an option, opt for a functional vanity table that can be easily shifted around the room to accommodate your needs.

Designed by Tali Roth Designs, this vanity nook channels a chic bohemian vibe with the simple vanity table. The wood offers texture and warmth to the space, while the panels that flank the mirror can double as a space to hang earrings and other trinkets.

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