Inspired by the delicate beauty of blossom trees, this dreamy apartment revels in its botanical influence; it also features a personalised sauna room and gym
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Above Grey oak floor panels draws the eye towards views from the balcony of this glamorous abode

“Be it plum blossoms and peach blossoms of China, or the cherry blossoms from Japan, I have always been enchanted by the beauty of blossom trees,” shares the lady of the house.

Inspired by her love of flowers, these blossom trees serve as the starting point for her interior scheme—an abundance of such botanical motifs decorate her apartment.

The floral concept was realised by Nikki Hunt, principal of Design Intervention, after the homeowner chanced upon her work in a previous issue of Singapore Tatler Homes, and was impressed by their attention to detail.

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Above The glamorous dressing room features mirrored details that make the space sparkle

The homeowner’s top priority was to have an apartment that’s uniquely hers—a  truly bespoke bachelorette pad with an interior tailor-made to fit her taste and needs.

“The brief was for a retreat from the outside world that resonated with a serene glamour and a sense of feminine romance and a nod to her Chinese heritage,” shares Hunt. “She wanted the entire apartment to function as a cohesive master suite, with indulgent, spa-like experiences as a priority to create an abode that’s both soothing and refreshing.” 

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Above The oyster pink ceiling and the plum blossom mural enliven the window-less corridor

To convert the three-bedroom apartment into the hotel-inspired suite that the client had envisioned, the challenge was multifold.

The design firm had to work around the structural walls within the 2,023sqft apartment, while simultaneously ensuring a continuous visual flow throughout the home.

A sliding door now separates the open-plan living and kitchen areas from the rest of the apartment; it can be hidden behind the vertical panels. A grey floor runner draws the eye down a corridor (pictured above), which features wall sconces within its recessed alcoves—these lantern-like lights bathe the corridor in a warm and intimate glow.

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Above The curved wall in the kitchen adds to the home’s feminine appeal

The apartment also delivers spades of style through its seamless and streamlined look. Wall sockets and wires have been concealed where possible, and furniture pieces were custom-made for each of the spaces. Bay areas were also incorporated into the new layout to maximise the available space. 

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Above The same floral wallpaper is used in the bedroom and bathroom to create a cohesive look

True to its botanical theme, the plum blossom is a recurring motif that enlivens the elegant abode, while harking to the homeowner’s Chinese heritage.

“The starting point for our design were two classical Chinese artworks, which include a landscape painting that invokes a soothing serenity,” explains Hunt. “As the plum blossom is a particular favourite of the client, we have also used it as a running theme throughout the apartment; it inspired not only the colour palette but also the design of some areas.” 

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Above The same floral wallpaper is used in the bedroom and bathroom to create a cohesive look

The former master bedroom was turned into a gym with an ensuite shower area, while two other bedrooms became the apartment’s dressing room and master bathroom (pictured above).

The master bathroom is one of the homeowner’s favourite spaces—it features a large vanity area, customised bathtub, along with separate shower and sauna areas. “I love how the bathtub and the curvy lines of the bathroom are reminiscent of the architecture by the late architect Zaha Hadid, who has been dubbed the ‘Queen of the Curve’,” quips the homeowner.

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Above The sauna and shower areas within the master bathroom

With the goal of creating a personal spa within her home, the owner specially requested for extensive bathroom facilities.

These include an elongated bath tub, a sauna (pictured above), a vanity area, a shower for daily use within the master bathroom, as well as a secondary shower area by the gym that’s equipped with invigorating water jets.

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Above The gold punkah fan on the ceiling and plum blossom motifs hark to the homeowner’s Chinese heritage

The delicate flower is pictured in full bloom on glass etchings and wall murals, as well as a rug in the living area and the frosted glass door at the lift lobby.

These floral motifs that spring forth are paired with shades of blush and cream, gilded finishes, mother-of-pearl detailing as well as sinuous curves that contribute to the feminine yet glamorous appeal of the abode. Other touches of Eastern influence include the gold punkah fan seen on the ceilings of the master bedroom (pictured above) and bathroom. 

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Above The former master bedroom has been converted into a personal gym and spa

The wall covering featured in the gym is inspired by Chinese ink paintings.The sound system has also been integrated into the entire property including the bath and gym areas, such that the music aficionado can be serenaded by her favourite tracks throughout the apartment.

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Above Palm-like motifs on the glass hark to the botanical theme of this apartment

Nikki Hunt, principal of Design Intervention, worked closely with German bathroom brand Dornbracht to create a spa-like space (seen above), within the former master bedroom; it now houses the owner's personal gym and spa.

Looking at the final result, the lady of the house adores the amount of attention lavished on its interior scheme. “Every corner of my home has its unique beauty, and is so different from the rest that I never get bored with these details,” shares the homeowner. “I love my home so much because there is so much of me in my apartment; the Design Intervention team have taken the time and the effort to fully understand what I like, to make it more beautiful for me. And this is what I think what one’s home should be.”

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Art direction and production: Khairul Ali

Photography: Jasper Yu

This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes June-July 2018

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