Bedrooms decked out in bright hues can be delightfully fresh—here are five smart ways to use bright colours such as yellow, blue and green to create the personal sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of

Thinking of redecorating your bedroom soon? Consider changing things up with colourful accent pieces; and if you're willing to go bold with colour, try repainting your walls in brighter hues to totally transform the look of your room. 

Use a mood board to help create a mix that is complementary rather than clashing. Pin fabric swatches alongside one another and give yourself time to reflect on whether various combinations will work or not.

Keep the backdrop low-key—pale, unadorned walls and wooden floors are ideal—so that colourful textiles can take centre stage. Try repetitions of contrasting colours in multiple prints and shades to create a dynamic and tactile look; an eclectic mash-up of pattern and colour is best grounded by classic furniture pieces with curvaceous shapes and rich detailing.

Need more ideas? Look to these rooms below for decor inspiration:

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1. Glass Act

If you are fortunate to have vintage architectural features in your home, use them to inspire the design of your room. Taking its colour cues from the existing stained-glass window, this bedroom in a renovated Paris apartment proves that a vibrant space can be elegant, too.

Blue and yellow are hues that can be energising as well as restful, so use both with restraint to create a space in which it’s possible to sleep well and wake up refreshed. The black-and-white throw draped across the base of the bed is the ideal final touch that smartly and seamlessly combines graphic shapes with elements of softness.

2. Bright Stuff

Yellow adds loads of energy to a space, so don’t use it in a bedroom if you prefer to sleep in. This shade is best suited to someone who sleeps well and wakes up early and ready to take on the day; it’s also similar to Illuminating, one of two hues named as the Pantone Colours of the year for 2021.

Sunny yellow and turquoise work well together to create a sophisticated space, with the clever use of black and white to break up the blocks of bright colours. The headboard in a monochrome print is an unusual addition that pairs beautifully with the angular pieces to make for a stylish room. Do consider bedlinen as a key part of a bedroom’s design—the textured bedspread in pure white imparts a sense of calm.

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3. In the Pink

In this petite guest bedroom, the candy pink wall behind the bed sets off the artworks collected by the apartment’s owner—a retired museum curator—to a T. The use of pink works fabulously well. If you love it, go for it. an eclectic and highly personal look but keep frame styles consistent.

Gallery walls look great with colourful backgrounds, as this room amply demonstrates. For carefully composed appeal, mix a range of mediums and subject matter, with the rose-motif bedspread and rug. Colourful cushions, mismatched bedside tables and vintage lamps complete As the popularity of “millennial pink” shows, the colour remains right on trend—whether it’s used as an accent shade or more widely throughout a space. 

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4. Mellow Yellow

Who knew pale blue and leafy green could work so well together? This bedroom takes the conventional idea of keeping the backdrop neutral, and turns Keeping the side table and bed linen in a chalky white is essential to maintaining a fresh look. The clean-lined light fittings keep the vibe breezy, while the latticework bedside table and pompom- trimmed bedspread add a playful touch.

Accent cushions in African wax-print fabrics, plus a bushy fiddle-leaf fig, are all that’s needed to complete the look. it on its head: here, the walls and floors are bright and the elements usually thought of as easy to change up are kept all-white. The result is a space bursting with joyful energy.

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5. Green Dream

Surfers call the inside of the barrel of a wave “the green room”, and the celadon green used in this beach- shack bedroom seems likely to provoke a series of oceanic fantasies. Enhancing the “green room” impression is the way the energising yet peaceful shade is used on the walls and ceiling, and grounded with a deep green rug. Finishing touches take the form of the embroidered cotton bedspread and pillows, and abstract artworks.

When the paint colour makes the main statement, the rest of the decor needs to work with that. Here, an embroidered bedspread and pillows by contemporary Moroccan designers LRNCE add visual interest and touches of complementary colour.

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