Designed as a holiday home for a well-travelled family, Kri:eit Associates brings the glamour of the Amalfi Coast to this opulent abode at Sentosa Cove
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Above The grand living and dining area of the abode faces the sea

As far as oceanside addresses go, this house at Sentosa Cove truly embraces the allure of its enviable location—the bedrooms overlook the surrounding waters and a personal yacht berth by the outdoor deck optimises its proximity to the sea. What it needed was a stylish interior that could bring out the best of its resort-style ambience, thus creating a vacation home that a well-travelled family would love to revisit.

This momentous task was given to Kri:eit Associates (part of The Mill design consortium), which is known for crafting bespoke interiors. “We wanted to create a modern Italian look for the interior, with accents of gold throughout the home to add to its wow factor,” explains Jennifer Murray, design director of The Mill. “It also caters to the needs of a well-travelled family, with facilities such as a large private cinema, a built-in wine cellar and an outdoor spa.”

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Above A chic cluster of furniture from Fendi Casa at the living area

Italian luxury brand Fendi, in particular, served as a wealth of inspiration for this home, which uses furniture predominantly from Fendi Casa, as well as complementary pieces from Italian furniture brands Cassina and Fiam Italia.

“To add to the modern Italian look, we used rich colours, dark veneer finishes, metallic details and velvets, inspired by the colour and material palette favoured by Fendi Casa,” explains Murray. “We designed the interiors to align with the aesthetics of the brand.” Led by Murray, the design team aimed to impress the inhabitants and their discerning taste with a home that would live up to the glamour of modern abodes that line the Amalfi coast in Italy.

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Above A crystal chandelier floats above the double-volume entryway

Upon entering the home, the initial sight that greets guests is the double-volume foyer, which makes a grand first impression. A bespoke crystal chandelier floats above a pair of velvet armchairs in royal blue, while a custom-made rug features a wave motif that echoes the sinuous veining of the marble flooring.


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Next to the foyer, an artwork track by the staircase turns the long hallway into a gallery-like space that welcomes visitors, before leading them to the well-appointed living and dining areas.

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Above The plush home theatre at the basement

Away from prying eyes, the basement floor houses the spacious entertainment areas, which include a home theatre equipped with a sound system by American audio brand Sonos, a projector screen, and concealed storage to keep the space sleek and neat.

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Above The master bedroom enjoys vantage views of the sea and the surrounding neighbourhood

On the second floor, the bedrooms have been personalised in colour schemes unique to each room. The master bedroom features a handsome mix of black, dark wood veneer and gold, with wave-like motifs on selected furniture pieces and paintings also pay homage to the home’s seaside location.

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The bedrooms for the children’s room and guest rooms are furnished with accents of mint green, royal blue and yellow. Complementary abstract artworks add a lively dimension to each space, while velvet upholstery on the headboards and furniture pieces add plush textures. 

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Above The serene study on the second floor of the abode

The Italian glitz of the interior scheme is toned down a notch for the study, which features customised furniture pieces in Makassar ebony with a semi-gloss finish and brushed metal trimming.

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Above The glamorous walk-in wardrobe

In contrast, the walk-in wardrobe for the lady of the house celebrates the dazzling decorative possibilities of the glamorous theme. Converted from one of the abode’s six bedrooms, it’s luxuriously furnished with velvet panels on the wall and drawers, next to glass cabinets that feature rose-gold trimming as well as copious storage space that glows from within through the integrated wardrobe lighting.

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Above The outdoor spa area of the abode

While the home theatre features masculine overtones, the spa room takes on a more feminine touch through its use of light, neutral shades and a statement wall decorated with ceramic flowers. “Initially, the outdoor area of the basement was just an empty space with soil ground, intended for a small garden,” shares Murray. “We transformed it into a usable space by turning it into an outdoor spa. We decked the area in composite wood timber, and furnished the space with a Jacuzzi and spa bed.”

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Art direction and styling: Khairul Ali

Photography: Koh Boon Wei/Beebox, assisted by Shauna Yeo

This article first appeared in the April 2018 issue of Singapore Tatler.

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