Does the dining table shape or where you sit affect feng shui? Dato Joey Yap explains

In Asian culture, food—the partaking and sharing of it—is central to family life. It follows that we would want our dining room to be a welcoming space from a feng shui viewpoint. 

Dato Joey Yap imparts tips on how to create harmony in the dining room.

1. General tips

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Above A balanced dining room with natural light and greenery. Photo: Spacejoy (Unsplash)

First, it depends on what is meant by “harmony”. Suppose a family has quarrels or tension over the dinner table. In that case, that is symptomatic of a more significant issue at hand and not necessarily the feng shui of the dining room itself. However, if you’re asking how to use the feng shui of the dining room to benefit the occupants, that’s a different approach.

While the general tip would be to utilise the sector more often if there are positive annual energies present, a more practical way is to have the chairs facing one’s personal favourable direction using the 8 Mansion feng shui system.

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2. Layout

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Above Consult the annual star with regards to where it will be any given year. (Photo: Spacejoy/Unsplash)

As always, the annual Star 5 should be avoided if it falls into any given sector of the house for the year. If it falls in the dining area, it’s best to minimise its usage. That said, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used at all. Instead, you only use it as needed and be elsewhere when you’re done with your business.

In 2022, Star 5 will be located in the middle sector of the house. Next year, in 2023, Star 5 will fly over to the Northwest Sector of the house. Therefore, if your dining area is in the Northwest sector, try to spend as little time as possible in the dining room.

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3. Dining table

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Above Long tables suit large areas (Photo: Spacejoy/Unsplash)

The material, shape and position of the dining table don’t really matter. In this case, it's more to do with the comfort and the palate of the occupants than the feng shui aspect.

If it’s a table you like, and it’s comfortable and practical, go for it. Not everything requires fine-tuning when it comes to feng shui, so there’s no need to scrutinise small matters like these.

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4. Dining chairs

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Above Dining chairs can come in any shape and form (Photo: Billy Jo Catbagan/Unsplash)

Again, just like the tables, it doesn’t matter. Even the numbers don’t possess any effects or special properties, and are merely cultural superstitions if you were to subscribe to such reasoning.

However, in the 8 Mansion feng shui system, there are such things as favourable directions, each with its benefit. If you like, you can have your chair face your favourable direction.

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5. Seating arrangements

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Above Special feng shui effects can be activated depending on where you sit (Photo: Jimmy Dean/Unsplash)

There are no rules or preferred seating systems where family members are concerned. You can sit wherever you like.

However, if you wish to activate specific effects, you can refer to the personal eight directions based on your natal chart. For example, if you have a child struggling with self-esteem issues, having him face his Identity Palace might help in the long run. There are seven other directions, each with its effect depending on what you need.

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6. Lighting

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Above Modern lighting is juxtaposed against this retro dining room (Photo: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash)

As long as it’s not too low, then it’s okay. If the lighting is low, it might be “suppressive” to the dining area, which generally creates Sha Qi and thus makes it uneasy for anyone in there.

The ceiling for any room, dining room included, ought to be sufficiently high.

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7. Wall colour

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Above Wallpaper adds a beautiful backdrop (Photo: Nicola Bushuven/Unsplash)

Colours have no bearing when it comes to feng shui, so you can paint it or use any wallpaper colour you like. Whatever positive effects derived from it would be purely psychological.

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8. Dining decor

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Above Decorating the dining room includes artwork (Photo: Maria Orlova/Unsplash)

When it comes to decorating the dining area, as long as the diners are comfortable with the dining experience, anything is fine.

Many so-called things associated with the feng shui of the dining area are often related to cultural superstition. If you remove all that and go back to authentic, traditional feng shui that’s all about utilising the space, these things are a non-issue.


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