Can feng shui help improve your child's behaviour? Dato' Joey Yap explains

One shouldn't forget the children's room when thinking of feng shui for the home. The goal of feng shui in a child's bedroom is the same as every parent's objective in decorating their children's rooms, which is to create a healthy and happy environment. 

Renowned feng shui master Dato' Joey Yap explains the do's and don'ts.

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What are the dos and don'ts of locating the children's room?

Each individual has a positive direction based on their natal birth chart. This type of feng shui is called Eight Mansions, and based on some simple techniques, you can have the child’s bedroom conducive to the parents so that they may be more obedient. While the application itself is not hard to do, it depends on the overall configuration of the household.

For more practical use of feng shui, you can utilise the Annual Flying Stars. For example, the Southeast sector in 2022 contains Star 4, which would be conducive for learning and studies. Admittedly, it’s a bit impractical to switch rooms every year, so just using the Southeast corner of the room to study for this year would suffice.

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Are there any guidelines about the position of the bed? What if it’s a bunk bed?

Generally speaking, the bed should not face any doors and the toilet. To have it directly in line with the door generates Sha Qi and, in the long run, is not conducive to one’s health. Besides that, avoid having it face sharp edges or be below a ceiling beam. This applies not just to a child’s bed but to any bed placement.

As for bunk beds, there’s no problem having them as long as you follow the guidelines listed above. However, it would be good practice (as well as common sense) that it’s not too high to the point that the ceiling would be too close. It should be okay if there’s ample space between the top bunker and the roof.

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Does the arrangement of the space relate to the child’s zodiac sign?

In terms of application, feng shui is and has always been goal-based. Each parent might have different priorities planned for the child; this is where you can utilise the Eight Mansion feng shui system.

For example, if the child is frail, and the parents would like them to be healthier, then we’d use their Life Generating sector. If they struggle with insecurity, their Identity Palace can be strengthened. What’s important here is that the parent is aware of the child's needs and then apply the necessary feng shui technique.

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Above Fermliving Little Architect chair and table
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Above Fermliving Little Architect chair and table

What if two children share the space? Will this affect the arrangement?

It's possible. This stems from the fact that there are multiple considerations regarding feng shui application. While the children would be affected by the Annual Flying Stars, depending on their natal birth chart, the effect might be different.

However, in the bigger picture, it’s not that big of a deal, considering the same challenge can also be said for the parent’s bedroom or any room shared by two people. While it’s always best to have your own room where there’s more flexibility in the arrangement, finding a compromise for two people is not too difficult.

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Any furniture and finishings to avoid negative feng shui in a kid’s room?

Generally, anything with a sharp edge should not be pointed directly toward the bed or study desk. Besides that, any material or furnishing should be fine. In feng shui, it’s not so much what the furniture is made out of. Rather, it’s about how one utilises the space, and the furniture is just there to facilitate it.

To drive this point home, Star 4 in the Southeast sector is excellent for studying. You could be looking on a desk or the floor; you would benefit from the effects all the same. Of course, doing so on a chair and desk would be much more comfortable. The arrangement isn’t as crucial as utilising the space itself with the right activity.

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Tatler Asia
Above Fermliving Little Architect chair and table

If there is room for a study desk, are there any preferable spots to place it in? Any rules about where to place their laptop/ computer?

For a dedicated study room, it will be based on the child’s natal chart as well as the annual configuration of the flying Stars. For example, Star 4 will be in the centre of the house next year instead.

Besides utilising the flying stars annually, there are also the monthly flying stars that change every month to consider if you’d rather use that technique.

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Where should the door and windows be? If they are in the wrong spot, how do you counteract it? Any rules for window dressing?

If it's in a position that is not suitable, then that depends on the family’s budget or capability. If they can spend the money on renovation, it’s always best to relocate altogether. Otherwise, there are other methods to divert the flow of energy to a positive area before entering the bedroom.

Window dressing is irrelevant, but you would want some sunlight to enter during the day and not to be in total darkness unless sleeping.

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Are there any tips to create a calm or secure space for children?

As long as there’s no Sha Qi in the child’s room, it should be calm and secure for them. An example of this would be Star 5, which generally isn’t considered favourable. In 2023, it would be found in the Northwest sector. If your child’s room is in the Northwest sector, it’s recommended to sleep in another room for the year.

Alternatively, a way to mitigate Star 5 would be to use metal objects. Again, it’s a highly subjective matter as there are several factors to consider here. The rule of thumb, however, is that if there’s no cause for alarm, then it’s best to let it be.

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Any do’s or don’ts for lighting?

As long it’s not protruding, it should be fine. It’s also recommended to avoid positioning it directly above the bed head.

Are there any guidelines for where the bathroom door should face?

As long it’s not facing towards the bedroom door, the bed and the study desk, it's fine. Traditionally, bathrooms are considered harmful simply because they were not pleasant in the olden days. Today, most bathrooms are pretty hygienic in comparison. If it’s kept reasonably clean, then there’s no problem.


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