Designed by Pins Design Studio, this penthouse in Kuala Lumpur features a refined modern French concept

Designing a home for a client with refined taste and a deep love for arts and design may be an intimidating prospect for some but for Pins Design Studio, this presented an opportunity to create a home celebrating the client's passions while designing a worthy showcase for her collection.


The space in question is a penthouse in downtown Kuala Lumpur, and the client lives alone with her adorable poodle. A modern French concept was arrived on, an elegant choice for a home where a distinctively artistic atmosphere resonates for an avid art collector who’s also a design enthusiast.

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"To match her high taste and fondness for bespoke design, we employed a neutral backdrop to combine various stylish materials and designer furniture. The result is stunning—a classic yet glamorous vibe is prevalent, yet everything feels personal," remarks Tan Sii Yuan, design director of Pins Design Studio.


In the living room, diverse standalone pieces are elegantly presented via a harmonious interplay of tones and textures.

A plush and curvy sofa is complemented with an abstract-shaped coffee table, while the flat TV screen is set against a white panelled wall that gently curves at the corner. Below the TV, a rattan cabinet instils a touch of rustic luxury.

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Since the living, dining and dry kitchen comprise one large open room, the designers allowed the same design language to permeate throughout.

The dining room is highlighted by a table with legs that resemble Roman pillars. At the same time, a cluster of balloon-like lamps illuminates the area with a cosy glow, and rattan dining chairs infuse the space with a natural appeal.


"We joined the edge of the dining table to the kitchen island, a departure from the neutral palette. We chose a unique white marble with dark pink veins, which pops against the colour scheme. Echoing the same appearance, the marble backsplash towards the back generates a strong focal point across the all-white kitchen," enthuses Tan.

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The serene atmosphere continues in the master bedroom, where the same materials are reflected.

"For the bedroom, we ensured that the space offers a sense of warmth and comfort by using lighter colours and wood tones more prominently. For example, the feature wall behind the headboard is immaculately white, but we incorporated a wavy effect instead of a flat surface," explains Tan.



"Wood frames and rattan finishing, used for the wardrobe’s doors, continuously wrap around the adjacent walls and the door that leads to the master bathroom. The owner opted for a rare type of dark green marble in the bathroom for the washbasin area."


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