Cover Furnishings such as the Maxalto Lucrezia bed by Antonio Citterio, available from Space Furniture, add a refined touch to the bedroom (Image: Space Furniture)

Hilary Loh, design director of 2nd Edition, reveals how you can convey the luxury of a hotel suite in your bedroom

Luxurious hotel rooms are designed to soothe and pamper—these plush havens feature impeccable settings that whisk your worries away the minute you step into the suite.

“A well-designed room is authentic, and seems effortlessly elegant with a palette of balanced elements of colour, texture, scale and density,” says Hilary Loh, design director of 2nd Edition.

Whether she’s working on private residences or elegant show units for luxury residential developments, Loh has crafted countless bedrooms that are the ultimate expression of comfort and glamour. “Our design process strives to express a harmonious balance of authenticity, style and functionality, while preserving the project’s intuitive essence,” she adds.

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The designer recommends a neutral palette to imbue your bedroom with a sense of serenity. “Start with a monochromatic colour scheme, before adding layers of accent hues and patterns to enhance the room’s individual personality,” she advises. To help capture the five-star hotel experience in your own bedroom, a tactile mix of elegant furnishings has to work in symphony with a calming colour palette to cultivate a welcoming space tailored for comfort.

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1. Maximise space with multifunctional furniture

Versatile, multifunctional furnishings help to optimise the use of space to create an uncluttered and streamlined bedroom. Loh’s top picks include the Living Divani Moon bedside table by Japanese-Italian studio Mist-o, from Space Furniture. “It’s a functional and sleek bedside table that doubles as storage,” she says.

Loh also highlights the Poliform Lexington system by Jean-Marie Massaud. Flexible and practical, this pillar-based bedroom cabinetry system is composed of an assortment of customisable shelves and drawers. It also comes in various dimensions and finishes, which will allow you to incorporate it beautifully into your bedroom.

2. Size matters

Loh also recommends the use of functional yet sleek furnishings. As beds are often the visual focus of a bedroom due to their sheer size, the designer suggests a minimalist centrepiece such as the Maxalto Lucrezia bed by Antonio Citterio, available at Space Furniture. The contemporary profile of the unit will bring a refined touch to the bedroom. 

When curating new pieces for the bedroom, the designer also advises being mindful of their proportions in comparison to the other furnishings in the same space, while looking out for pieces with tactile qualities and excellent workmanship.

3. Take a seat

Plush armchairs are vital additions to a luxurious bedroom. Loh endorses the B&B Italia Husk swivel armchair by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, from Space Furniture. The large chair is big on both design and comfort, featuring padded arms and immensely soft cushions with a capitonné design. The hard shell that supports the seat is made from Hirek, a sustainably produced material crafted with recycled and recyclable polymers. 

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4. Opt for warm lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to convey an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy in your sanctuary; the best hotel rooms expertly use illumination to help set the tone for a restful ambience. 

“The quintessential elements for a luxe bedroom interior are lighting and scents,” Loh says. “(Opt for) indirect and glare-free diffused lighting, coupled with focused task lighting.” She admires the Aaro table lamp from French lighting and furniture company DCW Editions, available at Xtra and Made and Make. 

5. Add cosy comfort

A rug within the bedroom can instantly bring a sense of cosiness while adding a tactile layer to a space. Match your rug with your room’s colour scheme, or choose a patterned design that adds visual interest to the interior. Loh is a fan of the rugs from Woodnotes, a Finnish design studio that specialises in using natural spun paper yarn to create beautiful and durable textiles; these rugs are available at P5 Studio.

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