Nikki Hunt, principal of Design Intervention, discusses the elements that can make your dining room both chic and cosy

Let’s face it—most of us often have breakfast on the go, lunch at our desks and take dinner on a tray in front of the TV. So meals that we share with family and friends should be treasured. Whether it is for Christmas, a reunion dinner or a birthday celebration, it is often the times spent seated with loved ones around a dining table that form our most cherished memories.

As the setting for so many special moments, the design of the dining room is key to an optimal social environment. The dining room is an area of the home where the designer can afford to be bolder and explore a touch of drama.

A well-designed dining room has the power to affect our mood, by infusing the space with an atmosphere that can influence the way we feel—to embolden, inspire us to become more animated, and to encourage lively conversation.

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1. Pick the right seats

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Many of our clients consider the dining table as a major investment piece but quite frankly, it’s often hidden behind a ring of chairs.

It’s the rear of the chairs that become the dominant feature of a dining space. Luckily, adding detail or pattern on your upholstered seats is easy to achieve and can have a greater impact on the room then splashing out on a designer table. High-back dining chairs will also envelop your guests with comfort, encouraging them to linger and enjoy the evening.

2. Play with textures

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Your choice of colours, patterns and textures matter. A dark silk wall covering can create a moody, intimate vibe, while the injection of bold colours like chartreuse green can lift and brighten a room.

Black and white lines on the walls can form a crisp backdrop for an evening of glamorous entertaining. And a jubilant rug design can bring a freshness to an elegant scheme while adding energy to the space, to create a perfect backdrop for an evening of sparkling conversation.

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3. Add a beautiful glow

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Another design element that is often overlooked is the importance of well- considered lighting. Lighting can be the most powerful tool we have to affect our mood.

Using multiple layers of light on different switches or simply putting the key light xture on a dimmer, allows the hosts to nesse whatever mood they wish. A pendant light arrangement can also invoke a sense of ickering candlelight to create a warm and intimate mood.

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4. Mind the details

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Often, it is the little things and details that makes guests feel special. A pretty bouquet of fresh flowers, or beautifully coordinated table settings will show that thought has gone into preparing this feast and will make your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

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This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes Dec 2018-Jan 2019. 

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