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Having just given birth, being able to get sufficient rest at home is important to Kelly Keak of MTM Labo Singapore. See how the blackout blinds from Ziptrak Interior make a major calming impact in her bedroom

Pregnancy is a magical period in many ways, but getting sufficient shut-eye during the entire nine months is anything but a dream. Factor in the postpartum period, where mothers try to adjust from radical body changes to emotional highs and lows after childbirth all whilst handling a newborn; undoubtedly, motherhood is as rewarding as it is energy-consuming.

That's why creating a restful environment to relax and unwind is a necessity for most new mothers, including Kelly Keak, the managing director of MTM Labo Singapore.  

“Being able to unwind at home is so important to me,” says Keak, who was in her last trimester of pregnancy at the time of the shoot. “These days, I’ve been fashioning myself a relaxing sanctuary, where I’m able to truly rest and recharge.” 

Keak has created a soothing haven in her bedroom with the blackout blinds system from Ziptrak Interior. Distributed by Durablinds Trading in Singapore, the track-guided design offers easy ventilation without rattling, as well as protection from flying pests.

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“My previous blinds were the traditional horizontal wooden blinds that trapped a lot of dust, and I had to constantly ensure that it was clean,” Keak shares. “I love that the Ziptrak blinds do not trap dust. This is really important for me, as an expectant mother who has a newborn that might have dust allergies.”

The blinds also offer advanced light control by creating a true blackout environment for homeowners. The blackout fabric from the blinds eliminates the possibility of light stimuli by mimicking the effects of night-time darkness. This allows Keak to seize the opportunity for daytime naps when her newborn is asleep. 

Her blinds are also integrated via Somfy motors to her existing Google Home system, which seamlessly automates the blinds. This also allows Keak to easily control the blinds with voice commands—all without moving up and down. “I absolutely love the convenience! Being able to control the blinds through a voice command saves me the hassle,” she enthuses.

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The business maven also adores the extensive fabric collection that Ziptrak offers. With over 120 fabrics to choose from, Keak was spoiled for choice with the wide range of colours and finishes available. “I always believe in a personalised solution, and the collection that was available for me to choose offered me that,” she shares. Having selected a cream colour scheme with a textural finish, Keak’s blinds create a Japanese-style zen-like atmosphere that she was looking for.  

Ziptrak's cordless blinds also offer her a safe and tranquil environment at home with its hands-free control that eliminates strangulation hazards for her newborn. Keak can rest easy when it matters most. “I’m glad to know that I have a safe haven for myself and my baby,” she declares.

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