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Here are three things to know about MTM Skincare's rebranding that features an all-new packaging by renowned Japanese designer Kenya Hara

MTM Skincare, which is now rebranded as MTM Labo, is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

As part of its brand revamp, it will debut a new look for its products on top of a new name that perfectly embodies its signature custom-blended skincare approach.

Rebranded as MTM Labo, the brand pays homage to its Japanese origins and scientific methodology. In line with its Japanese philosophy of having reverence for nature, its products will also be rolled out with a new design bearing a deep green translucence, representing its use of botanicals in the formulations. Leading the brand's revamp in Singapore is Kelly Keak, the current managing director of the Japanese brand in Singapore, who took the reins from her mother, Susan Teng, in 2017.

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MTM Labo’s custom-blended skincare approach draws inspiration and solution from an array of botanical extracts that are added to address individual skincare concerns. Every customer will enjoy unique skincare solutions, which are blended in the in-store laboratories, to cater to their individual skincare needs.

Keak explains: “We recognise that every individual is unique, and so is our skin. Inspired by the medicinal applications of Oriental botanicals, we’ve carefully curated MTM Labo’s special library of extracts, comprising of Chinese, Western and Japanese ingredients. [These] selected extracts are then custom-blended into our skincare according to how they can help improve each client’s unique skin condition.”

With that said, here are three facts about the revamp. 

1. Definitive new name

MTM Skincare's rebrand takes inspiration from the vital aspect of the skincare brand's process: the research and development of botanical extracts in the in-store laboratories. As "labo" is the common Japanese abbreviation for “laboratory”, the new name MTM Labo encapsulates the brand's commitment to developing custom-blendend skincare solutions for every client. 

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2. Unique packaging

The all-new Zen-inspired look on its product packaging was conceived by Kenya Hara, the acclaimed Japanese graphic designer best known for his work with Muji as its art director in the early noughties. Under Hara's vision, MTM Labo's product packaging has been redesigned with a deep green hue to represent the pursuit of natural beauty, while a translucent finish accentuates the colour of life. 

"The fundamental colour of MTM Labo’s packaging is a deep green, a colour that captures the essence of nature. The aim was to create a mysterious colour that invigorates life by meditating on nature. Its translucent character brings awareness to the colour of life itself," said Hara about the aesthetic direction for the MTM Labo project.

3. New store design

As part of the brand revamp in line with Hara's aesthetic direction, the same deep green hue and zen-inspired design seen on the new product packaging have been added as part of the new MTM Labo’s storefronts to impart that same essence into the customer experience. MTM Labo’s new store design can be experienced at Wheelock Place and its flagship at Winsland House. Despite the new look, the customer experience remains personalised and of top-drawer quality: a person’s journey with MTM Labo begins with a computerised analysis of the face, which is then preceded by a one-on-one consultation.

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MTM Labo | 01-04/05 Winsland House, 6738 6006; 03-21/22 Wheelock Place, 6737 1078

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