With 23 new entries, the 51-100 list includes bars from 24 cities across Asia, including nine apiece from Japan and Singapore, five from Hong Kong, and four each from Bangkok, Seoul and Taipei

In the run-up to the announcement of the annual Asia’s 50 Best Bars, the 51-100 ranking has been revealed. This is the second year in a row that the extended list has been released and is part of a strategy to highlight a greater number of bars across the region.

For 2022, the 51-100 list includes bars from 24 different cities, with representation from places that are perhaps less well-known for their bar scenes than the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei. Bars from Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia; Kathmandu, Nepal; Nara and Gifu in Japan; and Tainan City, Taiwan, all feature on the list.

Almost half of the bars on the 51-100 list are new entries, and there are nine bars that have dropped down from last year’s top 50. Notably, these include Taipei’s Bar Mood at #89 (down from its 2021 ranking of #17) and Room by Le Kief at #51 (down from #19), Hong Kong’s Tell Camellia at #53 (down from #23), and Singapore’s Barbary Coast at #95 (down from #29).

Bars from Japan and Singapore dominate the list, with nine entries each, while Hong Kong boasts five bars and Bangkok, Seoul and Taipei each have four entrants on the ranking.

The release of the 51-100 list follows the announcement of two special awards as part of Asia's 50 Best Bar Awards 2022. The Bartenders’ Bartender Award went to Keith Motsi, head bartender at Charles H in the Four Seasons Seoul, while BKK Social Club in the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok was honoured with the Art of Hospitality Award.

Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 will be announced in a live ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand on 28 April.

The Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 51-100 ranking is listed in full below (those with an asterisk are new entries)

51. Room by Le Kief, Taipei
52. Epic, Shanghai
53. Tell Camellia, Hong Kong
54. PCO, New Delhi *
55. Honky Tonks Tavern, Hong Kong *
56. Quality Goods Club, Hong Kong *
57. Soko, Seoul
58. D.Bespoke, Singapore
59. Pine & Co, Seoul 
60. Smoke & Mirrors, Singapore *
61. Papa Doble Bar, Singapore *
62. The Curator, Manila 
63. Oto, Manila 
64. Teens of Thailand, Bangkok 
65. Live Twice, Singapore 
66. Origin Grill & Bar, Singapore *
67. Ark Lounge, Aomori 
68. The Public House, Taipei *
69. Smalls, Bangkok 
70. Three X Co, Kuala Lumpur 
71. Mizunara: The Library, Hong Kong *
72. Cocktail Bar Nemanja, Yokohama *
73. The Living Room, Mumbai *
74. The Sailing Bar, Nara *
75. Shin Gi Tai, Singapore *
76. The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai *
77. Employees Only, Singapore 
78. #FindTheLockerRoom, Bangkok *
79. Bar Rocking Chair, Kyoto 
80. Bar Landscape, Tokyo 
81. The Old Man, Hong Kong 
82. Mesa, Macau *
83. Mixology Bar, Seoul 
84. Stir, Ho Chi Minh City *
85. High Five, Tokyo 
86. HiBoRu, Taipei *
87. The Bellwood, Tokyo 
88. The Loft, Bangkok *
89. Bar Mood, Taipei 
90. Southside Parlor, Seoul 
91. Moonrock, Tainan City *
92. Barossa Cocktailier, Gifu *
93. Wishbone, Semarang 
94. Bar D, Fujisawa 
95. Barbary Coast, Singapore 
96. Blackbird, Kathmandu *
97. Backdoor Bodega, Georgetown *
98. Junior The Pocket Bar, Singapore
99. 40 Thieves, Kuta *
100. Coley, Kuala Lumpur

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