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Add these mixologists to your Instagram feed for a daily dram of cocktail inspiration

February 24 is World Bartender's Day, when the professionals behind the bar are recognised for the creativity, flair and hospitality they deliver night in, night out.

While many parts of Asia deal with Omicron surges, the bar industry remains one of the most heavily impacted trades, with places like Hong Kong choosing blanket bans on the operation of nightlife venues entirely.

So if you can, take the opportunity to visit your favourite bar (or two) for a celebratory drink tonight, if not to take the stress out of living in our current plague year, then at the very least to show a little support to the bartending professionals who have shown immense resilience over the past two years. Take a moment now to follow these 15 mixologists from around Asia for insights into what goes into creating an original cocktail, new spirits to try, and inspiration for your next DIY drink to shake up.

1. Agung Prabowo, Penicillin, Hong Kong

2. Shingo Gokan, SG Group, Tokyo

3. Aki Wang, Indulge Bistro, Taipei

4. Demie Kim, Zest, Seoul

5. Antonio Lai, Quinary, Hong Kong

6. June Baek, MO Bar, Singapore

7. Lorenzo Antinori, Argo, Hong Kong

8. Jade Lau, Selva Rey, Hong Kong

9. John Nugent, The Diplomat, Hong Kong

10. Hiroyasu Kayama, Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo

11. Bannie Kang, Side Door, Singapore

12. Rogerio Igarashi Vaz, Bar Trench, Tokyo

13. Charmaine Thio, Hendrick's Gin, Singapore

14. Tamaryn Cooper, Asia Today, Bangkok

15. Jay Khan, COA, Hong Kong

16. Jess Hutchinson, No Sleep Club, Singapore

17. Kho Chee Kheong, Coley, Kuala Lumpur

18. Devender Sehgal, The Aubrey, Hong Kong

19. Karl Too, Happy Stan, Kuala Lumpur

20. Tatsunari Namatame, Bee's Knees, Kyoto

21. David Ong, The Curator, Manila

22. Vijay Mudaliar, Native, Singapore

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