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This funky twist on a reliable side dish takes centre stage. Read on to find out where you can get curly fries in Metro Manila.

Curly, twisty, whatever you call them - there’s something about these fries that make them even more inviting than others. They always feel crispier than the traditional fries, often specially seasoned, and don a tempting golden-brown exterior that makes for irresistibly crave-worthy bites. Hungry? Check out these seven places to get your fix of curly fries.

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Nothing hits the spot like a juicy beef burger in a pillowy brioche bun, paired with addictingly crispy fries - or even better, curly fries. Order Southbanks signature beef burger with bacon jam and truffle mayo, and complete the meal with a side of their crisp curly fries.

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Potato Corner

Whether you’re in the camp of cheese or barbecue (apologies to all the sour cream fans), Potato Corner’s flavoured loopys are a new and improved way of enjoying your go-to flavoured fries.

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Chunky and fudgy, the bars from Bucky’s are infallible desserts for sweet-tooths throughout the metro - but did you know that they have savoury dishes too? Take home a pack of their frozen and ready-to-cook twister fries so you can fry them up whenever the craving sneaks up on you.

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Burger Beast

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Photo: Burger Beast / Instagram
Above Photo: Burger Beast / Instagram

Speaking of surprise cravings, chef Carlo Miguel brings his burgers and other decadent comforts to hungry diners, available 24/7 via Burger Beast. Go all out and add a milkshake and twist fries for good measure.

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Country Chicken

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Photo: Chef Carlo's Country Chicken / Instagram
Above Photo: Chef Carlo's Country Chicken / Instagram

More of a fried chicken connoisseur? Between their buckets of fried chicken and their fried chicken burgers, Chef Carlo’s Country Chicken has got you covered with mouthwatering options to go alongside their curly fries.

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Aloha Eats

You may know Gabe Norwood for his accomplished career on the basketball court, but the skilled athlete has recently dived into the world of F&B with his wife Lei. The Norwoods’ Aloha Eats offers Hawaiian-inspired comfort food like Spam musubi and loco moco, as well as fun add-ons like poutine, garlic noodles, and of course curly fries.

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Photo: The Norwoods' Aloha Eats
Above Photo: The Norwoods' Aloha Eats
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Our list would not be complete without McDonald’s fan-favourite twister fries, which made their much-awaited return this week. The flavourful, perfectly golden and crispy fries evoke delicious memories, compelling nostalgic city dwellers to rush to their nearest outlets and pick up an order (or two) the day twister fries returned. Enjoyed on its own, with a swipe of ketchup, or dipped into an indulgent McFlurry, they’re a childhood staple indeed.

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