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Here's a quick heads-up to start planning your auspicious feasts to ring in the Year of the Rat and few fine restaurants to do just that

Chinese New Year is upon us once again, and as we prepare to welcome the Year of the Rat, the island's top chefs have been busy crafting sumptuous reunion dinner set menus to enjoy with family and friends. We know you're bound to be spoiled for choice so we've shortlisted some exquisite and creative options.

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Summer Palace

Chinese executive chef Liu Ching Hai has again whipped up delectable CNY dishes to savour with your loved ones, available à la carte and in set menus. Pick and choose from a wide variety that includes cleverly themed dishes, such as stir-fried mouse tail noodles with assorted seafood, and deep-fried garoupa in sweet and sour osmanthus sauce; the latter is prepared using a cross-hatch technique before it’s coated in flour and deep-fried to a crisp finish.

Available until February 8

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If you've not had your reunion dinner here before, this is a good opportunity to enjoy what executive Chinese chef Andrew Chong has to offer. Making its debut is an irresistible serving of pork knuckle that's been braised in an aromatic blend of spices and served with sea cucumber, black moss and braised chestnuts.

And there's also his signature pen cai that never fails to please. You won't be able to resist this treasure pot brimming with premium ingredients like abalone, sea cucumber, king prawns, Hokkaido scallops, fried oysters, flower mushrooms, fish maw, roasted pork and roasted French duck breast.

Available until February 8

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Madame Fan

As live post-modern jukebox entertainment serenades you, dig into executive Chinese chef Mike Tan’s auspicious CNY set menus. For the tossing of the prosperity salad that you will start with, you have a choice between the traditional "prosperity salmon" and the Abundant Eight Treasures. The latter boasts an indulgent mix of lobster, geoduck clam, sea urchin, abalone and ikura.

Showcasing a contemporary take on Cantonese cuisine, Tan's creative offers included braised six-head truffle abalone, charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef, and braised king prawn with cheese vermicelli.

Available until February 8

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Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Start the year on a delectably prosperous note with the help of festive dishes crafted by the culinary team at Sheraton Towers Singapore. The premier choice for the prosperity salad features coral clams tossed with yam, sweet potato, white radish, carrot, pickled ginger and pomelo; another option combines salmon roe and sea whelk with the quintessential ingredients like pomelo, radish and pickled ginger. There's also the chance to savour the sure-to-please lotus seed cake, a new addition to team's repertoire sees a radish cake studded with lotus seed, preserved meat, lily bulb, Chinese yam, and dried jumbo shrimp.

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Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant

Trust masterchef Ng Wai Tong to spoil you again with sumptuous Chinese New Year delights, available in seven- and eight-course menus. Look forward to starting the dinner with the Alaskan crab lo hei or, if you prefer, the hamachi yu sheng in “soon tak” style, which is followed by a three-layered traditional poon choi filled with the likes of whole abalone, sea cucumber, scallops and roast duck.

Of course, perennial favourites abound, including the steamed live soon hock, pan-fried Hokkaido scallop, braised whole abalone, and dried oysters with vegetables.

Available until February 8

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Peach Blossoms

The Harvest Set Dinner menu is the ideal fuss-free showcase of the chef's recommended offerings, which comes with the restaurant's unique rendition of the prosperity yu sheng, amped up amaebi, smoked caviar, crispy fish and nashi pear. The celebration continues with the likes of stewed Japanese Wagyu beef, oxtail with pan-fried fish maw and dried oyster, and for a refreshing end to the meal, chilled coconut jelly with honeybee bird’s nest pastry.

Available until February 8

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V Dining

Looking for more festive feasts with a modern twist? Head chef Lee Jing Peng takes care of that with hearty offerings, starting with the drunken chicken. This packs quite a punch, as the poultry is steeped overnight in an aromatic broth boasting intense flavours from the use of Shaoxing wine and wolfberries.

There's also a dish of seared scallops bedecked with sautéed asparagus that's worth looking forward to, as is the double-boiled crab meat soup bobbing with black fungus, tofu and egg; and the roast pork belly. The lattermost's crunchy and succulent meat is complemented by accompanying mini-dollops of mustard, apple sauce and seafood sauce.

Available until February 8

V Dining | 03-13 Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, S(228209) | 6950 4868 |

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Man Fu Yuan

Ideal for reunion dinners with business associates, the Bliss prixe-fix menu is a collection of executive sous chef Aaron Tan’s celebratory dishes, starting with a toss to good luck with the Abundance yu sheng packed with salmon and crispy fish skin. Then get ready to tuck into comforting classics that include braised abalone and sea cucumber stuffed with prawns and pork; sautéed whelk, scallops and broccoli in the kitchen's signature X.O. sauce; and steamed tiger garoupa with Yunnan black garlic.

Available until February 8

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Lime Restaurant

Because there is also the option to feast to your heart's content, this buffet restaurant's glorious line-up of Asian dishes would make a fine choice. Yes, there'll be traditional favourites such as braised longevity noodles with crab meat sauce, braised pork trotters with dried oysters, mushroom and sea moss, as well as steamed whole seabass in assam nanas sauce.

For a little respite from the usual CNY offerings, head for the seafood bar and its bevvy of fresh live prawns, black mussels, baby lobsters and clams on ice. Then make a trip to the carving station for crispy pork shank with apple compote and roasted beef sirloin.

Available until February 7

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Thanying Restaurant

How about a reunion dinner with a Thai twist? We're talking about tucking into a sumptuous CNY set that, quite expectedly, commences with the tossing of the abalone yu sheng dressed in a spicy Thai sauce. Next up, you’ll get to dig into all-time Thai favourites, including some poo ja (deep-fried crab meat with minced chicken); kra prow pla nam daeng (traditional Thai Teochew fish maw soup); and goong phad pong kari (stir-fried prawn).

Available until February 8

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Tien Court

Have a traditional reunion-style meal here where the set menus (for 10 people) start with the prosperity abalone yu sheng. Stay for the classic dishes including the steamed garoupa bathed in a rich superior soya sauce; special marinated pork ribs; deep-fried prawns coated with salted egg yolk. For dessert, the mango sago is accompanied with deep-fried nian gao.