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Tatler's master-list on where to order all your favourite meals, from ramen, lechon, Korean food, empanadas to ensaymada and cake

If you are like us, then you are always on the hunt for new food to try and new drinks to sip on. Here are Tatler Dining's top-performing where-to-order listicles, outlining what we consider to be must-try brands. For each type of food, we curated a best-of list, profiling brands that we think you should keep on your radar.

Whether planning for your weekly meals, organsing a dinner party, sending food to a friend, or simply wanting to add to your checklist of soon-to-eat-at spots, we hope that this listing of food categories and our top tips will prove to be most helpful.

1. Where to order cake

Reigning supreme as the best performing article on our dining site is our guide to the best, most scrumptious cakes in town.

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2. Where to order burgers

What can beat a classic, good-old hamburger? A juicy patty, gooey cheese, and fluffy bread paired with crisped yet pillowing fries truly hits the spot.  

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3. Where to order sushi

For lovers of immaculately fresh raw fish, quench your cravings for all things sushi, sashimi and chirashi, here.

4. Where to order lechon

We love a good lechon and who can blame us for it? Gorgeously browned and crispy skin, pit-roasted to perfection, Mang Tomas and a heaping of steamed white rice and you’ve got yourself a party.

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5. Where to order Korean food

Korean food rose to popularity in the country along with K-Pop and K-Dramas. Find out where to have the best banchan, barbeques and fried chicken.

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6. Where to order paella

Paella with a light layer of soccarat is the ideal family meal. Complete with hearty toppings and cooked in a flavourful broth, what’s not to love?

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7. Where to order ramen

Speaking of broth, order up a bowl of ramen and soothe your soul with every slurp. Find out where to get the best of this Japanese favourite, in Metro Manila by clicking here

8. Where to order pizza

Now we turn our attention towards Italy’s most famous creation: pizza. Be it round or square, these pie’s have warmed the hearts and stomachs of countless diners around the globe and is a go-to comfort good.

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9. Where to order Thai food

Tangy, zingy, bold, spicy and full of character, Thai cuisine really packs a punch. Far from boring, every bite will energise the palate.

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10. Where to order cheese and charcuterie platters

A party isn’t complete without a cheese and charcuterie board. Grazing tables have become staples at our events and with good reason. Who doesn’t love cheese?

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11. Where to order chocolate croissants

This delicate French classic makes for a sweet breakfast delight or a beautiful mid-day merienda. Every flakey mouthful of these chocolate croissants is designed to bring a smile to your lips.

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12. Empanadas

The perfect bites. Compact and complete with all that you need for a quick, easy and filling snack, empanadas are also easy to share. Who can really resist their buttery pastry crust?

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13. Where to order ensaymadas

A classic Filipino breakfast food and merienda, the cheesy, sugary, and sometimes creamy, but always fluffy ensaymada is a must in many households. Everyone has their family favourite–find out what is on our list, here.

14. Where to order wine

Cheers to you! Pour a glass and celebrate all life’s victories, big or small. These brands can all deliver some of the best wine's in the metro, straight to your doorsteps. 

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