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Whether you’re looking to cater to small groups, large events, or even a weeknight party of one, the cheese and charcuterie platters, boxes, and grazing tables will surely impress

There’s nothing quite like grazing through a mouthwatering assortment of cheese and charcuterie, and these brands take it a step further with their array of quality ingredients, skilfully paired accompaniments, and even personalised touches. Generously packed with savoury treats (and sometimes, even sweet indulgences), these grazing boxes and platters make gifting and entertaining effortless and delicious - not to mention, you won’t be left to deal with a half-open box of crackers or block of brie by the end of the evening.

Before you rush to place your orders, consider these helpful tips:

  • If you’re unsure about your guests’ preferences, look for a mix of soft and hard cheeses, from light to bold and funky flavour profiles as well as salty, sweet, and spicy charcuterie for optimum variety.
  • Pick out the bread, pretzels, crackers, and nuts before tossing the fruit, cheese and charcuterie in the fridge so they don’t get soggy.
  • Briefly toast your bread, pretzels, and nuts for added crunch and deeper flavour.
  • Serve your platter with sleek canape tongs or skewers to keep things hygienic.
  • Plan ahead and prepare a bottle of wine to go with the spread or order a box or platter that comes with wine for added convenience.

Happy grazing!

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1. Edible Box Co.

With generous and customisable options for cheese, charcuterie, and accompaniments, the platters from Edible Box Co. can easily cater to even the pickiest gastronomes, for everything from intimate get-togethers to big celebrations. Add a bottle of whiskey or wine and call it a day.

Our pick: in addition to the standard cheese and charcuterie, their epic brunch sets come with croissants, bagels, orange juice, champagne, and more breakfast classics.

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2. Apéritif

You may have heard of Apéritif for their decadent caviar pie, Instagram-friendly smash cakes, and signature chocolate chip cookies, but did you know that the brand also has a range of savoury graze boxes? They even offer boxes with a mix of sweet and savoury treats, perfect for a graze all through dessert.

Our pick: the sweet and savoury graze box, which features their ever-popular cookies and a pocket bottle of whiskey to boot.

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Above AperitifPhoto: Instagram / @aperitif_ph

3. Cheese Box

From contents to packaging, the options from Cheese Box are limitless. With a great assortment of options like the caviar party box with caviar pie or the sweets party box with classic glazed doughnuts, you’re sure to find the box that’s right for you.

Our pick: the upgraded solo go box makes for an ideal night in for one. Open your favourite bottle of vino and treat yourself to salami and prosciutto, an assortment of cheese, truffle honey, and some delicious chocolate to round out the evening.

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Cheese Box
Above Cheese Box

4. La Platerria

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La Platerria
Above Photo: Instagram / @laplatteria

Go the extra mile and customise La Platerria’s grazing boxes with your choice of colour, size, logo, ribbon, and card for a truly thoughtful present to gift your loved ones (or yourself, why not?). Otherwise, their standard black box with a clear top is an elegant choice all on its own.

Our pick: take home the wine and charcuterie box to hit two birds with one stone.

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5. Grazed Ph

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Grazed Ph
Above Photo: Instagram / @grazedph

Grazed PH offers a great array of add-ons to elevate your grazing box. Indulge your sweet tooth and add liege waffles and coffee caramel, or dig deeper into the realm of savoury their jars of herbed and spiced cheese.

Our pick: the date box makes date nights easy and delicious with two miniature bottles of wine, two different flavoured cheese, a spread of charcuterie, and accompaniments.

6. Etxeko

Their brand may mean 'homemade', but the grazing boxes from Etxeko are leagues beyond anything I could make myself at home, packed with luxurious treats that make for some next-level gifts.

Our pick: good for seven to eight, Etxeko’s premium grazing box comes with their prosciutto caviar pie, fruit and nut truffle cheesecake, and a bottle of wine.

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Above Photo: Instagram / @etxeko.manila

7. Cater & Graze

Looking to wow a crowd? The celebrations graze box from Cater & Graze generously feeds parties of 20-25. For celebrations spent apart, consider gifting each of your guests one of their slender petit graze boxes and top it off with one of their dried flower bouquets.

Our pick: invite your vegan and vegetarian friends to join in the fun and send them a box of their vegan or vegetarian graze boxes.

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Cater & Graze
Above Photo: Instagram / @caterandgrazemanila

8. Cased

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Above Photo: Instagram / @casedgifts

Apart from the classic cheese and charcuterie boxes (which you can upgrade with a bottle of wine or scotch), Cased also offers a family s'mores box with cookies, assorted chocolates, graham crackers, and even a miniature fire pit - perfect for a sweet post-cheese and charcuterie treat with the kids.

Our pick: their selection of cream cheese blocks masterfully marries fruits and nuts - choose between cranberries and pistachios, strawberries and walnuts, or apricots and almonds.

9. Grazes by Mrs Reyes

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Grazes by Mrs Reyes
Above Photo: Instagram / @grazesbymrs.reyes

We’ve all been there - we promised to bring along some snacks to the party, and now it’s the day before and we’re all but empty-handed. Luckily, Grazes by Mrs Reyes requires just a one-day lead time for their boxes and wooden platters ready to go.

Our pick: if you’ve managed to plan ahead of time, reach out and customise your own platter - just indicate how many people you’re catering to, and what cheese and charcuterie you want them to hunt down.

10. Aperitivo Da Andare

Aperitivo Da Andare does beautiful spreads of cheese, charcuterie, and the standard accompaniments as platters, gift boxes, and even large-format grazing platters. Plus - they’ve even got keto-friendly and vegetarian-friendly options.

Our pick: nowadays, special occasions celebrated in-person are few and far between. Make your next family get-together especially memorable and hire the team to construct a stunning grazing table.

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Aperitivo Da Andare
Above Photo: Instagram / @aperitivodaandare
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