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This year's famed Ramadan bazaar is full of classics like Ramly Burger and The Original Vadai so here's what you should check out if you are going down

Singapore’s beloved Ramadan bazaars have finally returned after two years of being cancelled or taken online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s safe to say that Singaporeans are excited to welcome back our favourite open market. 

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To control crowds, there are significantly fewer stalls than the previous years. However, this week, organiser Wisma Geylang Serai announced that the Geylang Serai bazaar will be able to accommodate 10 more food stalls and 20 retail stalls. These will be in operation from April 14 until May 2 (the end of the fasting month, and will bring the total number of participants to 70).

While we wait for these new additions, here are some of the best food options you can find at the Ramadan bazaar at Geylang Serai.

1. Alley

Alley is a pretty popular sight at most bazaars and it is well known for its pop sodas and Dutch Poffertjes—buttery and fluffy mini pancakes that you can’t miss out on. For extra indulgence, you can even pair them with ondeh-ondeh, Nutella pops, or cookies and cream.

When it comes to drinks you have options like green apple, strawberry and blue Hawaiian pop soda. But for something more cooling, the sweet and refreshing cendol shake is a must-order.

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2. Coconut Kelapa

Who needs Mr Coconut when you have the option of enjoying fresh coconut juice or a coconut shake from Coconut Kelapa? With juice that comes straight from the fruit, these refreshing drinks are sure to keep your spirits up and your thirst quenched as you hunt for more food at the bazaar.

3. The Original Vadai

The Original Vadai has been around for a very long time and for good reason—it dishes out savoury and crispy vadai which we can’t get enough of.

Its fried snacks come in a variety of flavours such as dhal, vegetables, onion, chilli, grago, ikan billis and prawn. If you are craving something sweet and slightly more tart, give the cheese and chocolate flavours a go. 

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4. Ramly

Sloppy, juicy and utterly addictive are three reasons why Ramly burgers are ubiquitous at Ramadan bazaars, and this one stall is no different. Make a beeline for its freshly grilled burgers and enjoy them with other sumptuous staples such as vadai, lekor, goreng pisang and Thai chicken skin. The latter is a new addition to the menu and is best enjoyed with loads of nacho cheese.

5. Ole Ole

For a taste of Spain, head to Ole Ole and dig into a plate of rich and creamy paella. There are two options for patrons to choose from—meat and seafood. The former sees fragrant arborio rice (Italian short-grain rice) dotted with juicy chicken chunks and sausage. The latter is generously topped with flavourful mussels, shrimp and squid.

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6. T Bobs Corner

Meat lovers can look forward to a protein-filled menu of crowd favourites such as steak and fries and Angus beef burger. Not a fan of beef? Go for the Ayam Percik XL instead; this tender and juicy chicken thigh is generously battered and fried to a beautiful golden brown. It is finished with a coating of flavourful percik sauce made with onion, garlic, lemongrass and ginger.

7. Praffles by Fooditude

These days, anything can be made into a waffle—including prata. Head to Praffles to have a taste of praffles, crafted by its culinary whizzes by mixing waffle and prata batter. There are a few sweet and savoury treats to choose from. For the first option, you have the gula melaka praffles filled with soft mochi, refreshing coconut ice cream and sweet gula melaka sauce. But for something more savoury, the popular chilli crab praffle features a freshly made praffle cone generously stuffed with soft shell crab and doused in a homemade chilli crab sauce. 

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8. Rancho Meats

Another new addition to the bazaar is Rancho Meats. Here, you will be able to create your own meal by choosing your preferred meat and sauce, and how it is served (bun, bucket, or bowl). Try the premium ribeye in a bucket, comprising layers of rice, vegetables, and succulent cuts of beef marinated in a medley of lemongrass, turmeric salt, chilli and galangal spice.

9. Ramadan Kebab

Satisfy your hunger while roaming the bazaar at this kebab stall. There are two options to choose from: cheesy chicken kebab and cheesy beef kebab. Its meats are slow-roasted on a traditional kebab spit until tender and juicy, before being skilfully carved and served on a fluffy pita. The kebab is then topped with vegetables and a nacho cheese sauce.

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