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Beetroot is a superfood you should start adding to your diet for good health

Include beetroot to your list of plant-based staples. While tofu and beans are extremely versatile ingredients to experiment with, do not overlook the unsung hero that is this vegetable root that boasts an impressive nutritional profile. It is said by health professionals that it helps support healthy blood pressure levels and is an excellent hormonal balancer. Plus, they are delicious when eaten raw and are often added in salads and smoothies. If you find uncooked beetroot too tart to eat raw, here are 12 easy-to-follow recipes that show off this very flexible ingredient. 

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1. Pink Pancakes

This recipe will enliven your mundan everyday munchies. It takes just one beetroot for a beautiful natural colouring, and the best part is, it's simple to make. Blend the pancake mix the night before and store it in the fridge. This makes for an easy breakfast for the next day. If you want to try a flourless alternative, replace the wheat flour and baking powder with a banana and oats for a healthier and protein rich feed.

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2. Walnut and Beet Tartare

Soft, crunchy, sweet, tangy, and a tiny bit spicy with the savoury taste from the coconut aminos. It's a serious party in your mouth, and an appetising starter to a meal, packed with nutrition and colour which is similar to beef tartare, only better. 

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3. Beet and Sweet Potato Soup

The best thing about soup is its versatility. You can pretty much skip or replace any ingredient with something else and still get a hearty bowl of comfort. It makes for a quick lunch option and a complete one-pot meal. Beets and sweet potato provide a serious fibre boost. Have it nice and piping hot on a cosy night in and maybe throw in some crackers for extra texture. 

Find the recipe here.

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4. Blue Beetroot Fold-Overs

Not quite a fan of blue cheese? Whip up this recipe instead, which neautralises the pungent taste of the cheese with the tartness of Greek yoghurt. The best part is that it is shelled in a beetroot slice and garnished with pumpkin seeds for extra crunch. Call some friends over and pair this tasty treat with a sweet sparkly booze. 

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5. Beet Cappelletti with Meyer Lemon-Zested Goat Cheese & Beet Green Pesto

This is a Gordon Ramsay recipe and you are signing up to make this pink pasta dish from scratch. But it's worth it for the gastronomic journey, each bite packed full of creamy goat cheese filling and garnished with a herbaceous spring mix.

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6. Beet Lox

There's no reason to miss out on the fun of a bagel and lox treat if you don't eat fish. You can marinate the beetroot slices for a couple days, or at least a day, to draw out the intense flavours. This recipe is one to plan ahead, but it's worth it once you start layering other toppings or just a spread of cream cheese on toasted bagel. 

Find the recipe here or you can also watch this video for other vegan alternatives to make lox. 

7. Millet "Risotto" with Beets and Ricotta

This risotto recipe replaces conventional Arborio rice with millet and whole-milk ricotta cheese for freshness. The dry white wine adds an aromatic sensation to the earthy roast beetroot, a subtle yet complimentary flavour. Be sure to have a generous serving of this fiber-dense fare.

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8. Beetroot & Red Onion Tarte Tatin

A quick accompaniment prepared mainly with beetroot, red onion, and a block of puff pastry. It truly is the perfect recipe for home bakers of any skill level.

Find the recipe here.

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9. Healthy Beetroot Coconut Slice

Using only seven ingredients, this snack is entirely raw and gluten-free, so just beet it together in your food processor and bring it to work for your colleagues to try.

Find the recipe here

10. Beetroot & Feta Burger

Load up a burger with earthy beets and sheep's cheese for a complex texture to give the dish substance. The natural crispy fibers of the root make for a bite, unlike regular tofu and bean patties. You can grill it, bake it, or sauté it until the patty forms a crust, until charred, and cooked through to the centre. If you want to barbecue them, be sure the patties are not loose; if it is, add more oats when shaping the patty.

Find the recipe here.

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11. Beet Dark Chocolate Scones with Pistachio Crumble

If you're still sceptical about adding beets to your savoury meals, consider using it in a dessert. It's a great way to sneak vegetables into treats for fussy eaters. The bright pink colour and little sprinkles of green pistachio crumble give it an alluring spring look. 

Find the recipe here

12. Sri Lankan Beetroot Curry

This too makes an easy one-pot-wonder fix and for those who are new to curries. The rich and creamy flavours can be adjusted to your liking, and it serves as a perfect accompaniment for rice and a slider filling. 

Find the recipe here


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