Cover Ox Burger by Entier French Dining (Photo: Entier French Dining)

One outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic is a heightened appreciation of comfort food, including burgers—so much so that key players in fine dining have shifted their focus towards creating the best versions of meat between buns. Here's celebrating some of the most decadent burgers in Kuala Lumpur and Penang in anticipation of International Burger Day on May 28:

1) Ox Burger by Entier French Dining

Beef cheeks, a popular cut in French cuisine, are used in Chef Masashi Horiuchi's juicy burgers. Homemade buns provide a sturdy scaffolding for the thick patties with ample chew.

Price: RM35

2) Lamb Sandwich with Yogurt by Ember Modern Bistro

A divisive protein, lamb finds a reliable partner in yogurt, which tenderises the meat while reducing its gaminess. True to its name, Ember Modern Bistro excels at anything involving flames and the grill.

Price: RM23

3) Wagyu Burger by Dewakan

Expect nothing less than the best at Dewakan, which happens to be pure Wagyu in the case of their beef burger. It's yours to take home if you manage to navigate Dewakan's online store dubbed The Good Stuff.

Price: RM39

4) Alta Chicken Burger by Alta Café/Sitka Studio-Restaurant

Alta Café doesn't skimp on size, as evidenced by their chicken burger: a generous piece of fried chicken extends over the edges of two buns and is slathered with spicy ranch sauce and paired with tart pickles. But our favourite thing happens to be their side of tater tots, which stay crispy in the delivery process.

Price: RM30

5) Cod Fish Burger by Communal Table by Gen

It's easy to reminisce about a certain fast food joint's Filet-O-Fish until you've had this seafood sandwich. Flaky cod, housemade tartare sauce and sharp cheddar are assembled by Chef Kevin Ng and team with lots of TLC.

Price: RM68

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